Misery (+15)

I Hate my life,it's full of drugs,alcohol,abuse,torture,and death.
Why did my parents have to go?
I was so normal back then when they were with me,by my side.
I feel so alone and helpless.
My foster home is full of spoiled brats that i can't handle,i just want to escape.
I feel trapped.
I need someone who will honestly care. . .but my mind reminds me.
~No One Cares Isis~


3. Waken. . .



Harry's POV



An unpleasant movement on my shoulder blade woke me up.


I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands as i sharpened my vision.It was Niall


"Niall?" i looked at him,but soon i realized we had that girl on the couch.Immediately my eyes fell to her,she was still sleeping,her chest rising and falling slowly.


"Harry. . .she needs to wake up and go" Niall said.I didn't understand why he was so eager for her to leave.


"why?,i thought we agreed on her staying here for today" i stood up grabbing my phone.


"yeah,but she's not gonna just sleep there for the whole day right? we have to go to the studio soon,she can't stay here alone,she might steal stu-"


"then we take her,if your so skeptical about it,we can just take her" My jaws clenched,Supposably Niall was the nicest one here.

"Yeah,but we can't take her there either? Are you out of your mind??" Niall threw his hands up in the air.Although I understood that whenever you see someone just laying there in the random,your aren't supposed to pick them up and take them with you,I felt as if this girl meant no harm.

"Yes Niall,I am,but I'm trying to be the nice one here,so if your just gonna come in between,u should stop,because I don't think any of your fans would Like to hear that you aren't kind" I walked past him brushing the soft fabric on his arm.

I turned to the girl,she was moving,her arms waving around to stretch.Her lips exhaling a hard breath.

I was able to see Niall look at her too.We were both watching carefully.

"Shh" I stepped a little closer.

Now she rubbed her face with the tips of her fingers.Suddenly opening her eyes.They were lighter than blue,blue like a dolphin,mixed with a tad bit of silver,her eyelashes thick and full,her lips pink and small,her skin pale now in the sun.

Her eyes went wide,she gasped,and backed up to the couch,she looked around,she looked confused.

"Wh-who the hell are you?" She panted.Nails digging into the leather.

"Uhh...I'm Harry,this is Niall. . .calm down please?" I asked nicely.I wanted to keep a distance from her,just keeping my skin safe,understanding that she could literally attack me at any moment by now.

"And?.." She gulped loudly,I could hear her thump go down.

"And...we won't hurt you,don't you know us?" Me and Niall were part of one direction,I think that by now everyone knew who we were.

"No,why would I? ... Should I?" She looked from head to toe at Niall and me.

"Yeah? I mean,a lot of people know us,me,harry,and other dudes go worldwide,we've been recognized since 2010,don't you know us?,haven't you heard of us?" Niall flummoxed positively.He seemed upset that one person hadn't known him,and it really did feel a but shocking.

"Well. . .i am not one of those people,I don't know any of you,and I think I should go because I don't know where I am and I need to look for shelter,so please,excuse m-"

"No?!,don't go,it's not safe out there,plus. . .its like 23 degrees outside,just stay here for today and we can look for a hotel so u can remain there while you look for a job or something"I cut her off.

Something in her eyes showed sadness,hurt,the small bags under her eyes were grayish,now her lips were a pale pink and dry,her hair had a bit of messy added to it,but I couldn't blame her,a homeless person was never perfect.

"What?. . .ok Harry, you don't even know my name,and your expecting me to stay here? I don't know you guys,and the fact that you are guys scares me a lot because boys have these minds full of lust and negative thoughts that--...how should I know of what you think?..I mean,what if you guys want to kill me?" She spoke with a light voice,something unexpected from a homeless person in which I saved.

I shook my head and reached for her nike duffel bag,slowly handing it to her,which she aggressively snatched with a speechless look.

"You stole this too?" Too? She said too,I don't remember stealing anything,at all,what did she mean by too?

"Whoa!..what do you mean too? I haven't taken anything at all from your Ba-"

"I'm referring to you guys kidnapping me and taking me to your..." She looked around,the angles In her cheek bones making her beautifully royal,she looked so pale and fragile. "--flat" she said.Her look returning to me.

I chuckled,and bent down,my arms straddling her body,the silver blue of her irises shimmering at me.They showed a batch of mixed emotions,sadness,hurt,fear,bravery,calmness.

"I didn't steal you beautiful" her gaze moving to my lips,along with my eyes which fell to her parted ones. "I saved you"

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