Misery (+15)

I Hate my life,it's full of drugs,alcohol,abuse,torture,and death.
Why did my parents have to go?
I was so normal back then when they were with me,by my side.
I feel so alone and helpless.
My foster home is full of spoiled brats that i can't handle,i just want to escape.
I feel trapped.
I need someone who will honestly care. . .but my mind reminds me.
~No One Cares Isis~


2. Founded. . .




Harry's POV


The night was thick above us,stars shone and lighted far from a distance,the street lights were on surprisingly,realizing that it was past midnight and no one but me,the boys,and our crew were walking back from the dinner at Buckingham place.


We were offered a ride,but Lou's flat wasn't all that far,plus, lux was with tom so she didn't mind us staying at her house for the night.


"Mate. . .Kate is so beautiful,and her baby boy George is so tiny and he felt so tiny in my arms" Niall exclaimed.


Half of them were drunk,but Niall never drank too much,he could never,it was something of his,almost like a rule that couldn't be broken.Although he was more than old enough to drink.


"I know,the queen was so nice,William and Kate both nice. . .But i find it that me and Harry are not -- the same at all!" those who were conscious found my statement funny,but it was true,i was not as similar as Prince Harry.


"see the thing is. . .if Harry and his princess get married and have a female child. . .i will guarantee you that i will marry her and have children of my own with whom ever she shall be" Liam spoke out of the random.Now that Prince Harry had a princess,liam thought of their future female child and he always thought he was gonna marry her.


If they even got married or had a girl.


"Mate,your 20 years old. . .imagine how long it will take for their 'child' to grow up and fall in love with you?" i chuckled stating the obvious.


"yes. . .but i know a spell somehow onto stopping my age from growing so that i can wait for her!" liam said.Sometimes he just tried to be me. . .tried to be funny but it never really worked out. . .?


"boys"Lou seemed to stop her boots,heels pushing down on the pavement.


Even Zayn and Louis stopped,weirdly because they were drunk. "what is it lou?" Liam watched her carefully.


"lo-look!" she nearly yelled.


All our eyes followed her index finger,which was pointed to a spot just below a tree,there was a figure.One that looked contorted.One that looked dead and black.And once i figured what it was,my stomach flipped,i gasped and stepped back.


But instincts told me ~go for her,she's not dead,she's sleeping,she may be homeless or something~  


I wanted to grab everyone and run,but my feet were frozen .


"Mate let's go,what are you doing just standing there,it could be a ghost or something" Niall pulled at my suit sleeve.


"no" i sharply spoke unsure of my own tone."she's not a ghost. . .it's a girl,i can see the skin on her,she's not dead,i can clearly see her chest moving,she's sleeping. . .we should help her" i hesitated.


"are you crazy haz?" Lou looked as if i had thrown up on her shoes.

"yes im crazy,because i say we should help her and be nice,not just leave her here,what if she's homeless,what if she dies right after this because some crazy drunk person came and stabbed her heart out to death? what if she gets kidnapped and she wouldn't even know because she's here at 3 in the morning alone.What if a dog or something comes to her and eats her,kills her,rapes her? what if the tree accidentally falls on her tearing her bo-"


"enough!" Lou held a palm in the air."i get it. . .i understand you trying to help her. . .but we dont know her and if we take her with us,who knows what she can do when she wakes up?" i sighed. Knowing my mum would approve of this,she would be glad that im helping a teenage girl who is probably young and is sleeping on a tree branch alone at night.


"yeah,i think maybe she'll breath,you know be surprised she's in a actual house,not on the sidewalk slouched up on a tree branch which is probably painful to her neck." i began to walk towards her small figure.


"ugh. . .well of course she'll breath but you never know! she can be a killer or a thief!" negative words spit out Lou's mouth,i didn't like it.


"We wouldn't know if we didn't take her with us" i said finally reaching her.I crouched beside her,ignoring the possible crease on my shoes.


The girl looked healthy,palish,tanish skin.Long eye lashes that fell over her eyes.She breathed,i could see and hear her steady breathing,she had thick long black hair which was covered in a beanie,she had grey joggers and a sweater on.Her arms went both sides just like a dead body would.Her lips were partly open showing a bit of teeth,her head had angled to the right.Her legs were sprawled out anywhere.


My eyes narrowed as i saw bruises on her forehead,and scrapes on her cheek.Maybe she had fallen? or she's hit something so she ended up knocking herself out.


"Harry. . .think about what your doing,and be cautious" Lou's voice popped up again.


I didn't want to hear it.So i grabbed her arm carefully placing it over my shoulder,my left arm grabbed hold under her thighs,as my right held onto her lower spine.I jumped making her body stabilize itself on my hold.


She wasn't heavy or light.


Probably about 115 pounds. That wasnt a lot to me.


My eyes also caught something black in the corner. . .A black Nike bag,one that athletic people used to carry their things.


"grab the bag" i told niall.


Soon we were walking again,several times i'd look over at Lou,she seemed upset,but why? i don't get why it's not nice to take someone who looks under the age of 18.


The walk to Lou's flat was silent,the only noise was our heels and the girls heavy breathing.




We arrived and as soon as we got in,i set the girl on the couch,and let my wobbly arms rest.


She didn't wake up,maybe she would wake up in the morning.


"mate. . .your a nice boy,but next time,dont do that,it's dangerous" Niall said leaving the bag next to the couch.


"ok" i breathed.


Later everyone said goodnight and i was alone.


Lou had draped a blanket over her,and i had been sitting on the couch for a while observing her and using my phone.


Sleepiness had hit me,it felt as if heavy water was being thrown at my eyelids.

Something I couldn't handle any longer,causing my eyes to close and fall into a heavy sleep.

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