Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place. Where they go to when there Happy,sad, angry. Yours might be in your garden, house, tree anywhere. But it's hard to find a safe place when you share a house with 12 other people. You see I live in a orphanage. My mum died. My dad abused and rapped me. I got sent into care. I went to my safe place. I was about to give up. Until a Irish blond haired boy saved me life. But what happened when I meet him again. Will I get adopted. Will relationships form. What happened when everything goes wrong. Will I find happiness. Will I take my own life. Read safe place to find out!


14. Christmas-Chapter 14

Jades pov;

I was in the middle of a amazing dream until I was rudely interrupted by 2 worm lips crashing into mine, I was shocked because I wasn't expecting it but after a few minutes I realised it was Niall's and soon kissed back, he pulled back as I opened my eyes. "You should wake me up more often" I said winking. "Wake up, it's Christmas!" I smiled and I jumped up but Niall had different ideas and picked me up bridle style. I screamed as he walked down stairs, he only had his boxers on...agh. We got into the kitchen and saw 4 heads. The boys. "Daddddddyt!" I shouted jumping down from Niall into Liam's lap. "Aw babe I missed you!!!" Liam said hugging me tight. "Oh we'll we feel loved..." Zayn said pouting. "Hi guys!" I said getting up from Liam's lap and hugging each of them, Harry was last, he pulled me into a hug and whispers 'have you told him?' In my ear. I shacked my head and he nodded as he understands. I walked up and sat back on Liam's lap and snuggled into his chest as he made small circles on my back. No I'm not a slut, me and Liam are so close we're like brother and sister, I don't think of him like that...I love Niall. "Come on kiddos, prezzies!" Niall's mum shouted as liam picked me up and we all made a small semi circle around the tree as Liam put me back on his lap...not forgetting wired looks from Niall's mum coz I'm on Liam's lap not Niall's. Oh we'll.

1 hour later we all opened all are prezzies, I got things like new tops and bottoms and a new phone and things like that, Niall said he will give me mine in private hmm wired. "I'm going to get dressed" I say getting from Liam's lap. "I need the loo" informing the boys and following me upstairs. I go in Niall's bed room and I hear the bathroom door close so Liam went into the bathroom, I strip down into my bra and knickers and put some leggings on. I look at the full body long mirror Niall has in his room, I'm showing really bad for a recovered anorexic girl. Someone burst through the doors and I get out a small scream but stop when I see Liam. "I need to talk you go babe" he says sitting down on Niall's bed, I quickly put one of Niall's t shirts on so Liam doesn't see my small bump and sit down. "What's up?" I asked. "Look, it's eather Niall feeding you Lots!....or you have a mini Horan coz your showing really bad" he says bluntly. "Don't be mad at me" I say bursting into tears. "Why would I be mad babe? It's amazing! Niall's going to love him!" Liam says. "Wait...he doesn't no dose he...." I shack my head no. "Why?" He asked "he's going to be mad an leave me" I say cryin into his chest. "Who else knows?" "Harry, he asked so he brought tests and he was there when we did them" "just don't tell Niall that, he will be sad because he wasn't with you, it's a important part!" Liam says. I nod. "Come on" he says standing up and putting his hand out and I grab it and we walk back down stairs. Harry looks at me with a 'dose he no' look and I just nod so I don't look suspicious.

"Babe can I talk to you?" Niall said grabbing my hand, I nodded as he rushed my up stairs. "I want to give you your present" "not now Niall!" "No it's not that, look Jade. I love you so much, I promise I will never ever hurt you, I promise I'll protect you. I promise I will love you until we die, I promise I will marry you wen we get older, but for now promise me when were older and were sure that you will marry me and love me for the rest of our lives. This is a promise ring, I don't want to mat married until we're ready, so will your promise me by this ring?" He asked taking out a small silver ring with diamonds on the top. I nod and kiss him as he puts it on my finger, he laces our fingers together and walk down stairs. "Hey guys we-- whoa! You two are engaged?!" Louis shots bring the attention of all the other

boys as they coming running over to us. "No, it's a promise ring to show we will when were older because I love her to much to let her go" Niall says staring at our fingers laced together 'awes' speed across the room but Harry and Liam instantly stare at each other. Wired.

Niall's pov:

I'm so happy she said yes! I get to spend the rest on my life with Jade! But I can't help but notice something's going on between Jade, Liam and Harry...they have always been talking in private. And yet give each other secrete looks...I'll just have to talk to her later when the boys go home.

Jades pov:

It's 10 pm and Zayn and Louis went home to there girlfriends for Boxing Day so it's only me, Niall, Liam and Harry sat on the sofa cuddled up watching a movie. "Can I talk to you babe?" Niall leans and whispers in my ear I slow nod. I know where this is going by the tone of his perfect Irish accent. We walk through Niall's mums small kitchen and sit at the table. "Baby..."Niall says I nod. "Is there anything going on with you and Liam and Harry? You know you can tell me anything?" Niall says. "Baby. Please don't be mad--" Niall cuts in "have you had sex with them!" Niall shouts. "No! No! No! It's not that I promise!" He nods. "Don't get mad and don't leave...I'm pr---" I started but got cut off by a really big "BANG" I jump up into Niall's arms. "Shh babe I'm sure it's just the boys" Niall says. "WHETE IS THAT LITTLE SLUT. SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD RUN AWAY" I heard a voice say. My step dad. Harry and Liam come running in the kitchen and all three stand in front of me making a line to protect me. "Get out" Liam says angry. "I'm here to take my slut back" he says. " she's not a slut and she's mine" Niall says angry through his teeth. "Awe she got her pretty boys to protect her. How many has she fucked? I bet she's pregnant with all of you." Now that made me angry. I pushed through the line the boys made for me so I was in front of his face. "What. Do. You. Want" I say then he knees me in the tummy. "No!" Liam says running to me to protect the baby. "Dot you fucking touch her" Niall says punching him in the face. My step dad grabs me and pulls me agents his chest putting a knife to my trough. "Your coming with me. Or she dies" he says in my ear. "She's not ping no where" Niall shouts. "Niall" I says. "Fine. Take me. Just don't hurt them" I say crying as he pulls me out of the door. "I'll find you!" I hear Niall shouting as he crys. "I love you!" I shout to him I hear him shout it back as he pulls me into a large black car. I'm dead.

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