Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place. Where they go to when there Happy,sad, angry. Yours might be in your garden, house, tree anywhere. But it's hard to find a safe place when you share a house with 12 other people. You see I live in a orphanage. My mum died. My dad abused and rapped me. I got sent into care. I went to my safe place. I was about to give up. Until a Irish blond haired boy saved me life. But what happened when I meet him again. Will I get adopted. Will relationships form. What happened when everything goes wrong. Will I find happiness. Will I take my own life. Read safe place to find out!


2. Bad day at school-Chapter 2

Jades pov:

*Beep beep* I heard my alarm go off. Yay a nother day. It's been 2 weeks since I've tried to take my life and when I meet that boy, Niall Horan. I open my eyes and hopped out of bed. I hate school and I barely go, I normally I to my safe place, but today feels different...special like I don't need to worry anymore. Like someone's saved me. Anyways I crawl over to my wardrobe. Literately. I pick out some cloths, black leggings, a red holister top and some black vans. I placed my hair into a high pony tail brushing the shorter side parts out. I grab my school bag and head out taking a Apple with me. I walk about 15-20 minutes until I reached my school. Oh nope wait. Till I reached the hell hole called school. Ah so much better. I walked though the door into my locker pulling some books out. The bell ran indicating for me to go to my first class. Yay.

*skips most of school*

Maths. My last lesson until I come out of this hell hole. I got moved from my seat to another, next I a annoying boy, he wouldn't stop punching my arm and sides. If I showed any pain he would do it harder and laugh. Yay. I was in so much pain. I'm going to have bruise now...yay more. The bell rings and I instantly jump out my seat an ran out of school. I rubbed my arm because it hurt and made my way back to the orphanage. I place head phones in and play one direction. Of corse. Making my way back.

I got back and walked into my room and flopped my self on the bed...literally until I heard shouting. "Girls from 13-16 come to my office" I realised what she said and slowly made my way down stairs. I saw around 5 other girls younger then me, I was the oldest girl. "Girls, we have a special guest coming, he wants a girl around 13-16 years old. Go up stairs. All get packed in case. I will call you down if he wants you. He will be looking at your records so some might not be good" directing the last part to me staring at me. We got dismissed and I went back up stairs packing my things, I haven't got much but it's enough. I'm not one of them girls who need all the latest fashion or things. I was finished and sat back on my bed wait. Staining at my bare room. We heard the door knock and someone came in. I didn't want to distend them. So I stayed put. Tbh I so want to go because I hate it here but I don't want to leave my safe place. "Jade!!!!" I heard ami say, ami was like all our mums that we never had. I was getting scared. I walked down stairs fixing my hair. I walked into Ami's room/ office. "Hello Jade" she said to me. "Um Hi" I said looking down not looking at the man. "This is Simon, we looked at your files, he thinks your perfect" ami said. I looked down and smiles at the ground. "Um thanks" I said shyly. "Hello Jade, I'm going to adopt you!" I heard a man say in a deep voice. I looked up. Simon. As in simon cowl. Oh my. "Hi..." I said shyly. "So are you ready to go?" Ami asked in a happy voice. I nodded shyly. She told me to go get my things and I did, "come on Jade" Simon said leading me out to a large black car. I nodded and followed him. He opened the door for me and I moved and sat down shyly. He came around and sat in the drivers seat, he turned the car on and the radio started playing. Little things. My face instantly light up and I huge smile came on my face. I couldn't get it of. Simon looked at me and I went red. "Do you like them?" He asked. I nodded shyly. "We'll that's good!" He said. "Why?" I asked shyly. "Because we live with them, we'll you do, I'm mostly out all the time so they are going to be looking after you" he said smiling. "A-Are--W-what!? Are you serious?!" I asked. "Yeah!" He said smiling. "Oh my gosh" I said shacking. "We're here!" He said pulling up to a huge house--more like mantion! "What. No. I'm not ready. They won't like me! Oh gosh" I said freckling out. "Shhh it's okay, they will love you like I do already. Just be your self" he said hugging me. He opened the door and we walked into a huge living room. I was shacking like a leaf. I was so scared. They don't realise how much I love them. How much they saved me. "Boys!" Simon shouted. I heard loads of running foot steps. Oh no. Then suddenly shouting from them. "Louis stop!!" I heard a deep raspy voice shout. "Niall!" I heard a nother say. Then 4 young boys are in front of me. Can you imagine how bad I'm shacking right now!? "Hi! You must be Simons new daughter!" Louis said. "....Hi....." I said shacking looking at the ground not wanting to look at them. "Awe it's okay don't be nervous" Zayn said to me. Still looking at the ground. "Are you a fan?" One asked. I nodded slowly and shyly. "Awe!" They all shouted hugging me. Oh my. Gosh. One direction sandwich! Ahh! I looked up and I'm pretty sure I was bright red. "Where's Niall!" Louis said looking around. "I'm here!" I heard a low Irish voice say. Instantly giving me chills. "Come here! Simons new daughters here!" Harry shouted. I heard foot steps. "Hi I'm Niall-- Jade?!" He asked. I instantly looked up. I didn't know what to say. I just looked. "Do you two know each other?" Simon asked. "Um let's just say we dumped into each other" Niall said in a Irish accent. Wow. I nodded slowly. "We'll guys. I must be off. Boys. Look after her and make sure she settles"Simon says. We all nod and simon walks out. I just stand there awkwardly in front of my 5 idols. " Liam, show her to her room and unpack her things" Louis said. He nods and I follow him. We walk to a white door and he opened it. I huge room and a large king sized bed. And a wardrobes and desk and loads more. "Wow" i said escaping my lips. "Here let me help" Liam said picking up my bags and unpacking things. I help out. He picks up a box. "No don't touch that!" I shout grabbing the box. He looks surprised. "I'm's--was my mums" I said looking down. "It's okay I totally understand" he says smiling. Wow he really is daddy directioner. After about 10 minutes where done and he sits on my new bed and I follow. "So?" He says. "How did you and Niall meet?" He asked. I though about what I was going to say. Hm. "Let's just say I was lucky he was there. He saved my life." I said smiling. "Oh so you nearly got run over a car or something?" He asked. "Yeah something like that!" I said laughing. "Who's your fave?" He asked me. I was a little confused. "Pardon?" I asked confused. "Who's your fave boy? You don't have to say me coz I'm here" he asked. I instantly go red. "Um Zayn" I said. "I'm joking!" I said after! He laughed "no your a fan. You must like one." Still red. "Don't tell okay? Niall" I said looking down on my feet "awe you two would make a perfect couple" I looked shocked. "Um" I said. I leaned back and felt something hard on it. "Owuch! What's that" I said moving and picking a white box up. 'iPhone 5s' it said. "Wow really?" I asked Liam "yeppo" he said. "I've never been spoualt" I said blushing. "Get use to it babe" he said leaning in and kissing my cheek. I went as red as a rose. I heard screaming and 4 boys come running in and sitting on my wooden floor. "Um..." I said as the boys stare at me. "So Jade, tell us about yourself" Harry said with a cheeky smirk. "Um what do you want to know?" I asked shyly. "Age?" "16" "Colur?" "Pink" "animal?" "Dogs" "food?" "Nandos!" I say. Niall stands up. Walked to me and kisses my cheek. "Um thanks" I say going red. Liam instantly looks at me and smiles. "Fave member?" "Louis" I said. He runs up to me and hugs me. "Awe love you too!" He says. "No it can't be. Tell the truth" Harry says. "No" I protest. "Harry?" I shack my head no. "Liam?" I shake my head. "Niall?" I go bright red. "Awe" they all say in unison. I put my head in my hands. "Anyways..." I say trying to change the subject. "Jade?" Louis asks looking serious. "No to be rude but where's your mum and dad?" He asks. " mum died when I was 5, I was left with my dad and he abused me and beat me and ra--" I stopped. "He rapped me until I was 13/14, the police. Found out and I got put into care. Other things happed " giving Niall a look. "And now I'm here" I said. "We'll at least your safe with us now babe" Harry said. I smiled. "We'll boys time for bed" Liam said acting like a dad. They all got up and went into there rooms. I went into the bath room and got some pjs on. I heard talking from my room. I opened the bath room and screamed. All the boys were on my floor sleeping with there pillows and covers. "Don't you guys have a room?!" I asked jumping around them to get to my bed. "We'll. we didn't want to leave you alone. So were gonna sleep in here!" Niall said. "Um. Okay...night boys" I said blowing them a kiss and placing my self under the covers and soon falling asleep. This is amazayn. A new beginning. And new life.

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