All I see is a demon hidden in the darkness, maybe I can be that light to brighten that demons world that demons world. We're both completely different, however opposites do attract so we couldn't be more right for each other.


5. Trusting You? Why Should I?

Aria's P.O.V

I wander out of my room, hearing whispering from the kitchen. I stand around the corner just eves dropping.

"Guys she doesn't want to be here can't we just let her go?" I hear one of the girls ask.

"Eleanor, you know we can't do that now, she knows what we are and well..." I hear Niall say trailing off, I peak around the corner and he his gaze go to Harry who is standing in front of the fireplace just staring at the flames.

"She isn't going anywhere till I'm done with her" he says turning to the others

"Harry, It's not right what you do to those girls" a boy with dark hair says, his arms around the blonde girl from earlier.

"She needs to trust me" Harry whispers.

"Why should she if all you're going to do is hurt her, all you ever do with those girls is abuse, brainwash, screw with then kill and dump their bodies into the streets like their worthless pieces of trash!"

"Hey...Calm down" the boy from early this morning whispers, wrapping his arms around who I'm guessing is Eleanor.

"I don't chose to live like that, I want to stop...but I've been doing that for so long I just don't know how to stop..." Harry says, his eyes actually holding the feeling of hurt. I just then lean in a bit to far and fall onto the floor, all eyes darting to me.

"I-I was just um...I-I'm sorry" I stutter

"What are you doing awake" Harry says, arms crossed and a sharp glare aimed at me.

"Couldn't sleep" I murmur "Is that alright, I mean not all people can fall asleep so easily" I shoot back sending him the same glare. I see his jaw tense, when he uncrosses his arms his muscles flexed and I felt myself swallow nervously. He makes his way over to me and I just back away but I'm pushed up against the wall. "P-Please don't hurt me, I-I'm sorry" I whisper. A smirk of course crosses his lips. Why the fuck wouldn't he smirk!?! I think that's all he does in life! wait, death, but he's alive so- Oh fuck it.

"I won't hurt you love, I don't think we officially introduced ourselves, I'm Harry Styles"

"I-I'm Aria Mathenson" I say quietly. Why's he trying to be nice to me? If he is thinking I'm actually going to trust him he is off his meds.

He then places his hands on my hips making me shiver.

"Shh..." he whispers into my ear, biting my ear lobe lightly. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!

In that moment I give his one strong shove and now he's looking at me with a glare.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD!?! Oh wait I can answer that, NOTHING! I'M NOT YOUR LITTLE SCREW TOY, STYLES!!!" I scream at him then storm to my room slamming the door and sliding my back down the wall and I start whimpering, then crying into my hands.

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