All I see is a demon hidden in the darkness, maybe I can be that light to brighten that demons world that demons world. We're both completely different, however opposites do attract so we couldn't be more right for each other.


1. Prolouge

Aria's P.O.V


Running for dear life. Thats what I was doing. Something was out there, wait let me rephrase that. Someone was out there and one thing’s for sure, I didn’t like it one bit. Just at that moment something bolted past me but all I saw was just a blur. Everywhere I turned I saw those deep dark eyes. I came to a clearing and, just then five figures walking towards me, they start walking around me in a circle. I’m trembling and I hadn’t realized it before, but I was crying. The moonlight shined down on me. It was like through the darkness, I was the only visible thing in sight for miles. What were these things? Taking shape of people, but in reality they were demons. My uneasy breathing had to be the only sound you could hear in the clearing.


"Don't cry, love" a boy with an Irish accent says, even though it's pitch black I can tell that there's a smirk growing across his face.


"We won't hurt you" a boy with a husky deep English accent says. He starts stepping towards me and that's when I froze. I could not move at all. "Just relax" he says stepping behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing soft kisses to my shoulder and up to my jaw line. What was really driving me insane was that I was doing nothing about it! It was as if I was under his control to relax and stay perfectly still. Just in that moment I felt a sharp fiery pain burst through my body, starting from my neck and on. I started screaming like hell, I could feel a smirk creeping up on the boy's face. He pulled away and whispered in my ear. "Shhh..." he said softly with the stupid smirk on his face, I glanced at him and saw my blood dripping from his mouth.


A soft whimper escaped my lips and just then the other four came over to us and each took a place. My body was jerking and trembling in their grip as they were draining me. Loud piercing screams erupted from my lips. These boys were trying to kill me. They were demons, no wait...Vampires.

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