My Guardian Angel

Everyone is against me, I've known that for a while now. But maybe, just maybe, there could be someone looking over me. My guardian angel.


2. Chapter 2

So here I am. Home. Under a bridge. There's about 6 of us here, all homeless teenagers in need of some cash. I run into the main area where everyone's huddled around a small fire. I'm breathless with excitement and everyone looks up in anticipation. Jason, the guy who you could call our leader saunters up to me.

"Hey Emily, starting to wonder where you'd got to." He crushes his lips on mine and his arms snakes around my waist and grabs my bum. I try to wince. For some reason Jason thinks I'm his 'baby' as he likes to put it. I go with it because it gives me the protection I need. If you're with Jason no one messes with you. Even if he is an asshole. I slowly edge my way out of the kiss.

"Babe, I got some news." I whisper. It's also good to try and be in his good books so I always try to pretend I'm in awe of him. 

"You make some good money today baby?" I nod. I pull out the wad of notes and wave in front of Jason's face. His eyes widen and his mouth fall open. He's in shock but slowly a smile creeps along his face. He laughs, kisses me hard, picks me up and spins me around. I cry out in surprise but quickly start giggling too. The others start to crowd around, their faces shocked as they gaze at the notes. Jason grabs one of the smaller kids and hands him two of the notes.

"Go grab us all some food. Dare steal any of it and you'll be dead." The guy nods and scurries off. Jason watches him go before turning to me.

"How'd you get it?" 

"I don't know. Someone gave it to me. I didn't see who." I can see he doesn't believe me but I know he can't think of anything else. He nods, lets go of me and turns to talk to some of the others. I breathe silent sigh of relief and head to my 'bed'. Which in my case is pieces of cardboard and a thin blanket. I rest my head and before I know I'm drifting off to sleep.

Everything is slightly blurred as I open my eyes. I lift a hand to my head and gingerly feel the bump where I fell. It's sore and I wince. The morning light seeps through the window and I try to piece back what happened last night. Shouting, screaming, fear is all I get. It isn't until then I look down and have to hold back the screams. My skirt and knickers are at the other side of the room. My arms, legs and neck have bruises, scars and hickeys all over them. I know now that he raped me. Tears stream down my cheeks. My dad. My dad raped me.

I had to ecscape

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