Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


36. Together..

Niall dropped Charlotte Off at her Moms house.

Louis dropped Dana off at her Parents House.

2 hours had Past..

Dana Texted Charlotte.

' Charlotte I don't know what to say.

I love Louis but I Like Liam..<3'


'I'm like that to Dana.

I love Niall but I like Harry<3'


' Thinking about it,

we've both said we love Louis n Niall,

but we have said we LIKE Harry n Liam.

Not Love harry and Liam?<3'


'Dana that's true..<3'


'Shall we give them another Try?<3'


'I want to but don't want to upset Harry<3'


'I don't want to upset Liam..<3'


'But everyone deserves a second Chance..<3'


'Yeah, Charlotte shall we Meet up with liam and Harry and Louis and Niall<3'


'Yeah, We will all meet at the Eat central in Mezza, Pick you up a Six Dana,<3'


'Okay, I'll let the Boys no<3'


Dana sent a text to all Four boys..


' Oi, you guys;)

Come and Meet me and Charlotte at Mezza, Eat central for a chat, Be there for 7:00<3'


They all texted Back saying they will come..



there all coming:)<3'




That gives them all an hour to get ready!


Charlotte Slipped into a Leopard print Dress, With some Black Kitten heels,

Curled her Hair and put it in a high Pony.

Put On some Mascara and Packed her Hang Bag, Sprayed some Perfume and Was Ready..


Dana Jumped into her blue maxi skirt and picked out a black vest top, tucked the vest top into her maxi skirt and slipped a shawl on over the top, she grabbed some Black wedges and Placed them on her feet, she put her nerdy glasses on and Grabbed her Bag sprayed some Perfume, straitened her hair and put it into two loose plaits  and was ready.


Niall jumped into a Pale pink shirt and some Skinny Blue jeans, Grabbed some Blacked out Glasses Place them on Sprayed some After shave on, and climbed into his air maxs and Grabbed his Car keys.


Louis wore a red and Blue stripy Top, Grabbed some Blue dungarees and Placed them on, he slipped into his White convers, Sprayed his Body, and was waiting for Niall to pick him up.


Harry wore Black skinny Jeans with a white shirt, and Tucked one side of his shirt in, put on some scuffed Doc Martins Grabbed his Keys and went to pick Liam Up.


Liam wore a white Top with his Leather Jacket Black skinny Jeans and some Black Timberland Boots, And Sprayed with After shave and Waited for Harry.



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