Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


2. Day 2:Packing

Today is the Day before they go on holiday, Louis and Niall are going to take it in turns to drive to the destination, Charlotte and Dana are on Skype, Packing together showing each other outfits to wear like; Beach outfits, Meal outfits,  Shopping outfits, Swimming costumes Bikinis.

Also Foot wear; Converse, Sandals, Jelly shoes, Heels, Boots, Slippers.

Pjs; Fluffy Ones, Silky ones, Thin ones, Dressing gowns.

Make up, And plenty more stuff.

Its a good job we have 4 rooms in our tent!

Charlotte's POV:

I really cant wait for this trip its going to be really Good:)

"Dana I'm Really excited for this trip!"

"Same here Charlotte,Its going to be EPIC!"

"Hope The bear don't come:D"


"What do you think of these shoes with this outfit?"



Dana's POV

Im actually looking forward to this trip!

"Mom pass me some jeggings out the ironing box?"

"Yes love,One minute!"

"Charlotte, Are you still there?"

"Yeah im here:)"

"This Skirt with this top?"

"Erm...Yeah! Defo Dana!"

Nialls POV

Im on Skype to Louis..

"Its Going to be fun Yeah? Louis?"

"Yeah, Brill Shall we play some pranks on the girls Niall?"

"Yeah, So the hold on to us n snuggle up because there scared!!"

"Yeah Good Plan!"

"But we wont tell them its us"


Louis POV

Cant wait to pull pranks on the Babes!

"Niall This is Going to be epic"

"Defo, Anyway what do you like about Dana?"

"Everythink Her Cute Scottish Ascent, with her Beautiful Shiny hair, Her Greeny browney eyes her perfect smile, Her Figure,"

"Well I can tell you do love her!"

"What do you like about Charlotte?"

"Her body, Her Lips, Her Big Dark eyes, Her Perfect Irish Accent...Like mine:P Her Wavey hair that blows in the wind, Just all off her"

"You defo love her Niall, Shes The one,"

"I can see us Marrying these Girls You Kno, Wen the Times Right.."

"Yeah...Anyway lets Get packing!"


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