Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


28. At Harrys house..

Harry Liam Charlotte and Dana went Back to Harrys Mansion Were Harry and Liam lived...

They Picked up the girls and took them in and Placed them on the sofa,

"So Charlotte are we together?"

"Yeah, Okay:)"

Harry logged on to his face book and changed his relationship status to 'In a relationship with Charlotte Styles' With a Winking Face..

Liam held Danas hand as she walked up the Stairs behind Him..

Liam Dived of the bed with Dana in his arms..

The landed on the Bed.

"Dana..Are you thinking what im thinking..?"

"Yeah.. XBOX!!"

"Yeahh Whooop!!"

They played gta 5..


Down stairs Charlotte and Harry were Watching a horror Movie..

They cuddled up on the Sofa..

They was scared but the loved it!!

They ordered a Curry For all four of them...

"Dana, Liam... The Dinners here"


Harry had placed it all neatly on the table.

They all sat down and Ate.

After that They all cuddled up on the sofa to watch another Horror Movie..


The Girls were screaming and Covering there Heads in Harrry and Liams Tops..


All of a sudden they herd a Loud Thud..

"Guys...What was that.."

"Charlotte I have no idea.."

The boys grabbed a knife..

Then two figures ran past on the first floor

Then all they herd was..

"Oi, Move that way you div!"
"They probably have noticed us by now!"

"Go that way!"


Who was in the Mansion and what was they trying to do?...


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