The Heart Locket

Two best friends are neighbors but consider each other family. Natara and Kristen face a major separation during a serious accident.


5. Trouble

Tara’s mom rushed to her daughter’s room and banged on the door. She demanded an entrance.

“No!” Tara cried in a low voice. Her mother’s next comment struck Tara in an unusual way.

“I know this is Chrissy’s! How could you steal from your best friend?”

“After the accident I found the locket on the ground and slipped it into my pocket to keep it safe.” Tara lied. Her mother countered with

“Then why did you lock yourself in your room?” The room came to a hush as Tara thought. She crawled across her bedroom floor and swung her legs out of the window. Carefully she moved the emergency ladder to the ground. Step by step she slowly reached her destination. Tara heard the cries of her mother saying “Tara why aren’t you answering me?”  

Tara zoomed towards Sandy’s Grill, her mother would never suspect her there. She sat down in an isolated seat found in the corner of the restaurant. Instantaneously an obnoxious waitress approached Tara’s corner.

“You gonna buy anything?” she said in a western accent.  

“No, thank you I am just here to rest-” Tara said right before she got cut off.

“No resting here, buy or get out!” Tara felt around in her pocket only to find a crumpled up five dollar bill, her cellphone and a nickel.

“Well, what’s your decision?” the impatient waitress said.

“Ummm, I guess I will have a chocolate milk shake.”

“You know how much work that is?” After plucking the five dollar bill and nickel out of Tara’s grasp.

“I thought it was only two thirty-five?” Tara exclaimed as she pointed at the menu displayed over the counter.

“This is how much you’re going to pay if you are gonna make me do all that work.”

“I thought the chefs make the food/drinks?”

“Nice chatting with you and thanx for the tip!” The lazy waitress said and patted her head in appreciation. Tara checked her phone and the waitress was no longer by her side. The text read,

Mom: where are you? Tara replied seconds later,

Tara: somewhere you will never find me.

Mom: just keep in mind the innocent don’t run.

Tara: the ‘innocent’ also don’t file a divorce behind their daughters back!

Mom: H-how did you know?

Tara: I saw the papers with my own eyes. TTYL.

After silencing her phone, Tara saw the nasty waitress reach her table with a milkshake in hand. Taking a sip Tara tasted the horrible concoction and spit it out in disgust.

“O my! Do you like my own special ingredient? It is ketchup!”

“I love it and I think you will too!” With that Tara dumped the entire milk shake unto the atrocious looking waitress. She watched as pools of the drink dripped from her hair.

“Well, I had a lovely time. Mosey on down to my place whenever,” Tara said trying to mock the mean waitress.

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