The Heart Locket

Two best friends are neighbors but consider each other family. Natara and Kristen face a major separation during a serious accident.


1. The Incident

           Chrissy clenched onto her Purple Heart locket for dear life as the impact crushed her diaphragm. Tara shrieked for help as her best friend lain on the concrete road beside her. Blood escaped Chrissy's side and began to stain her favorite red and yellow polka dotted dress. She lain there paralyzed as the driver came to their rescue. He quickly whipped his I phone out of his back pocket and dialed 9-1-1.

          The ambulance arrived at the scene and placed Chrissy on a gurney. Tara screamed and ran to her aid as they rolled her up the ramp and entered the truck. Before Tara accompanied Chrissy in the vehicle she retrieved the forgotten locket. She stuffed the locket into her pocket to keep it secure as she watched the paramedics stabilize Chrissy.

As they emerged from the red flashing truck Tara followed the moving gurney every step of the way. The doctors led Tara down a thin dim hallway. Chrissy was escorted into a dull boring room. Tara had to stay behind in order to prevent a distraction. She found an empty chair in the waiting room and took advantage of it. Chrissy’s parents never arrived Tara decided to contact them.

“H-Hello?” Tara spoke with a shaky voice.

“What’s the matter Tara?” Angie, Chrissy’s mom inferred.

“We are checked into Life Guard Hospital,” Tara wailed.

“What happened?” Angie said while becoming extremely concerned.

“Chrissy got hit by a car when we were walking to my house,” Tara whimpered.  

“I’ll be right there,” Angie confirmed.

Pressing end call, Tara felt alienated without any information about her amorous friend. She nervously fiddled with her fingers as she examined a nearby nurse rushing back and forth. She scanned her surrounding and found a young boy crying on the floor. She calmly approached the poorly dressed boy. His outfit consisted of torn shoes, faded jeans, and a discolored shirt. She came with one simple question.

“What’s wrong?”

“They took my mommy!” the shy boy sobbed.

“Where did they take her?” Tara enunciated. The little boy pointed to a room that was directly across from Chrissy.

“Where’s your daddy?” Tara questioned.

“He left…” his voice wandered off as he lowered his eyes to the floor.

“How about we sit together and wait for more news?” She asked.

“I guess,” he said in a sweet voice.

As soon as they sat in a chair the doors flung open. Angie appeared and hurried over to the front desk and demanded answers.

“WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER?!” Angie screamed.

“Ma’am please calm down what’s your daughter’s name?” The lady quickly answered.

“Kristen Hines,” Angie spoke quieter. The lady at the front desk pulled up the records and then gestured her to a room.  Angie briskly followed the nurse’s invisible footprints.

Her eyes were fixed on the IV’s connected to her daughters wrists. A green breathing mask covered her face as she slept peacefully after the surgery.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Parks.” A man approached with his hand extended.

“Yes, can you explain to me what is going on here?” Angie rudely asked.

“The surgery dealt with your daughter’s left collapsed lung and fractured diaphragm. She will recover fully given the proper treatment. We will have to monitor your daughter’s health growth for at least two weeks.” Dr. Parks recommended.

“That’s good news but I’m not sure if my insurance will cover it?” Angie said ashamed looking.

“We offer plans for serious vehicle injuries. That will help you get back on your feet. We can discuss this later right now your daughter is our main goal.” Dr. Parks said reassuringly.

“Thank you for the information,” Angie rejoiced. With that Angie left the room and suddenly long loud beeps sounded from a room. Doctors and nurses dashed to the site, but it was too late.  Thanx for reading i hope you like our first chapter.

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