he dosent love me and know my heart

one day kathleens life gets turned around when she meets justin justin thinks he can do anything to kathleen please notice this has sectual activity


2. situation

before Hilary came out i promised to myself i wouldn't tell her about the incident after i said that the door flung open i jumped a little and then realized who it was OH ITS JUST YOU

yeah its me is something wrong

no nothing

then why are you being so jumpy?

nothing really you ready to go

yeah i am

OK.......minutes later we were at my car (if you haven't noticed i drive Hilary to school and back because we live right near each) we got in and i put my backpack down on the ground on the passenger side we buckled in and Hilary said why is there a hole Lotta 50s in your backpack no reason really well are you gonna use those for your bills yes IN MY MIND (no im returning them)i started the engine.......20 minutes later we arrived at my house i got out of the car so did Hilary she followed me into the house we went inside and i called Levi to come here which usually he is there     (Levi is my little brother) he didn't answer  so i went towards the coat closet to put my jacket away wen Levi jumped out at me Kathleen are you all right Hilary asked yeah i am Hilary reached out her hand for me to get up Levi why were you in the coat closet well you see sis i always get scared when im here at home so i hide in some places oh well why didn't you tell me this well i knew you had a scheuale so i didn't want to worry you well now since that is over are you guys hungry Levi and Hilary both said yes..........hmm im guessing pizza is here you guessed right Hilary Levi called i got plates down Hilary Levi called again  hold your horses hilary said as she walked in the kitchen we all grabed 2 pieces each then went and put on the hunger games it was 7 after the hunger games ended and we out on safe haven it ended at 9 we were gonna watch one more i looked at Hilary and Hilary looked at my 13 year old brother i told him it was time to go to bed so he went i told Hilary that i was going to get some blankets i got back and put the biggest blanket on the

ground and handed Hilary a pillow and blanket then sat down and started watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS it ended at like 12 i told Hilary it was time to go to bed******************sorry about this chapter really i am could you guys please like and favorite and comment and need a mom and a dad name so comment a name and ill pick my 2 fave names

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