Am i Falling For My Bothers Band Mate?

My name is Ally i'm 17. I'm N-O-T a country girl! I don't behave like a"normal" !7 year old. My brother, Louis. Yes Louis Tomlinson. From One Direction.


1. Waiting... Waiting... And here he comes!

Ally P.O.V

I pretty much lived alone my dad passed away when i was 5, and my mom travels for business she comes home twice a YEAR.I finished school and i have a drivers license. My mom has this thing arranged with the state that i don't have to pay house payments or gas. 

 "My" house has one 1/2 bedrooms (i use the 1/2 for an office/Girl cave) .

Like a normal Friday night i was home alone texting my BFF Katys  talking about how Sexy Liam is.

"I know, i know, i know,  Lou wouldn't  EVER let me go near him!"  

 "Why not though? I mean its your life."

" idk, probably because if something goes wrong it could "damage" the band" i texted following it by a sad face."

"Well ttys, i have to take a shower"

ugh of course i knew this conversation wouldn't last long. I thought out loud.

"OK bye :)"

i was bored the rest of the night, i went out to the living room to grab popcorn and watch TV.

Somebody knocked on the door. Obviously i looked through the window and guess who it was?

i opened it exited on the inside butt casual on the out.....Lou!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! i ran and jumped on him rapping my arms and legs around him. 

Louis POV

She jumped on me. i gave her a small bro/sis kiss on the cheek.

"Hey how are ya?"

"Good, Great!!! Lou Why are you here?"

" Thought i'd visit my sista sista!" "the rest of the boys are in the car getting their stuff."

"Louis im so happy to see you, i missed you!"

"me too Buggy, ima go help the boys." 

I have to keep an eye on Niall, well all of the boys because the all have a major crush on her!


Ally's POV 

Omg he called me that when i was little Buggy or Ally Bug!

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