Am i Falling For My Bothers Band Mate?

My name is Ally i'm 17. I'm N-O-T a country girl! I don't behave like a"normal" !7 year old. My brother, Louis. Yes Louis Tomlinson. From One Direction.


3. Ok, maybe NO sex.

Allys POV

I stood up taking off my pants. As soon as we heard Lou at the door. 

"Oh shit he is going to kill me!"

Ally, your your own person you can fuck or date who ever you want!" harry said in his serious voice, as i pulled my pants back up.

"im not my own person with Louis around."  i sadly  whined. Harry tossed me my bra and shirt.

I put it on. I faintly heard Lou say where is Ally and Harry?

Liams POV


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