James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


19. History of Magic

Peter's p.o.v.:

After breakfast, our first lesson was History of Magic, together with Hufflepuff. It is teached by professor Binns. He is a ghost. The headboy of Gryffindor told us that he fell asleep in front of the staffroom fire one day, died, then got up to teach, leaving his body behind.Several students tell the story so I guess it's true. Professor Binns is so boring. A fiew students can stay awake until the end of the lesson. But I guess they just act like they're paying attention. "Has anyone ever heard of the name 'Emeric the Evil'?" asked professor Binnes. No student knew the name. "Emeric the Evil was a short - lived but exceptionally aggressive wizard. He was once the master of the Elder Wand and, with it, he terrorised the south of England in the early Middle Ages. He was 'slaughtered' in a ferocious duel against Egbert the Egregious." I tried to stay awake. James and Sirius were already sleeping. A fiew seconds later, I fell asleep too.

Remus' p.o.v.:

I was one of the fiew students who were able to pay attention. Someone has to know if we have homework. Professor Binnes has the strange habit to fall asleep during his own lessons, like he did now. A Hufflepuff let a book fall on his desk to wake him up. He continued the lesson. "The name 'Emeric' is a Germanic name, in which the second element is ric meaning 'power'. The first element may be ermen 'whole, universal' (making it a relative of Ermenrich), amal 'work, labour' (making it a relative of Amabric or heim 'home' (making it a relative of Henry). It is likely that several forms merged into a single name." Professor Binnes said and he fell asleep again. When he woke up, he said: "For the next lesson, you will have to write an essay about the Elder Wand." And he fell asleep again... I woke up the other students, so did a girl from Hufflepuff.

Sirius' p.o.v.:

"We have to write an essay about the Elder Wand." said Remus. "How can you stay awake during his lessons? I tried, but it's just impossible!" said Peter. James and I nodded. "Well, someone has to know if we have homework to do." explained Remus. "Wait Peter, you still try to stay awake?' asked James with a funny expression on his face which made us laugh. Nobody had still lessons because it was Quidditch Match. This time, it was Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff. Once we were settled in the rostrum, we had a nice view. The game begun. Ravenclaw's chaser caught the Quaffle and scored immediately. But Hufflepuff didn't allow to be pushed around. It took a while, but they were able to score too. It was a pretty exciting match, but after all, it was pretty clear that Ravenclaw was stronger. The total score was 180-20, the Snitch is worth for 150 points, caught by the seeker of Ravenclaw. When we went to the common room, Snevillus passed our way. James pushed with his shoulder against Snevillus' right shoulder; and I did the same on his left shoulder at the same time. We didn't do anything else. In the common room, we chessed: me and James and Remus vs Peter. After dinner we did our homework and chessed again. Peter wanted to play against me, so Remus played against James. We still talked a bit and than we went to bed.

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