James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


10. Gotta Get Out

Sirius' p.o.v.:

We got one room with a four poster for all of us. It was actually a suite, so of course, the room was huge. In the room, there was a private bathroom with a jacuzzi, a shower, a toilet and a lavatory. I also saw soap, shampoo and some towels. Merlin - King Arthur's servant who showed us our room - left us alone. " You know the rules. Don't you ever use magic. We're not in Howarts. I guess everybody here is a muggle, although, I doubt about Merlin." warned James. " Why?" asked Peter. "Because I have the feeling that he is the Great Wizard Merlin." explained James. "And we have to find a way to get us out of this book. Maybe there lives an intellectual or something here." completed Remus. "Allright, let's find Merlin. Probably, he can help us." I said. So we walked in the castle. It's absolutely not like Hogwarts. There aren't so many floors, and the walls are white. After a couple of minutes, we found Merlin. "Hello boys." "Hello Merlin. Is there any intellectual in this village?" I asked. "Well, don't go to Arthur, he's not smart at all." When he said that, he smiled. "But Gaius is the person you need.' he continued. "Do you know where we can find Gaius?" asked James. "Yeah, sure. Follow me." It didn't take so long before we got there. "Gaius! You've got visit!" Merlin almost shouted when we came in a little, wooden house.

Remus' p.o.v.:

"Ah, you must be James Potter, the one who spoke to Milady, am I right?" "Yes, sir." answered James. "What are your names?" "I am Remus, this is Sirius and next to him is Peter." I told him. After we greeted Gaius, there was an awkward silence. "Oh, I'll just go. I think Arthur is calling me." said Merling and he left. Nobody called him, but he knew we only wanted to talk with Gaius. "Don't worry. King Arthur doesn't execute wizards. I know you are and Merlin is one too." That was creepy! He just read our minds! There was again an awkward silence, until James found the courage to speak. " Do you know how we have to get out of this book?" "Maybe. On the beacht at night, there appears a door. The door Always stays there for a couple of minutes."

James' p.o.v.:

Since it was night when we left, we went to the beach. Suddenly, a fiew man on horses came and took me with them. That was the last I know before I got knock - out...



Author's message:

I'm trying to write as much as possible.

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