James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


13. Detention

Sirius' p.o.v.:

Next day we walked a bit and talked to Merlin, Gaius, Arthur,... It was faster night than I expected. So we went to the beach, this time without surprises. When we went through the door, we arrived again in the restricted section of the library. We went to the Gryffindor common room when suddenly, professor Merrythought - our Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher - barricaded our way. Three guesses who was behind her... Snevillus!

"Well well well, what are 4 young Gryffindors doing in the middle of the night in the corridors of the castle?" What? We've been away for days! "Well..." "No mister Potter, I don't want to hear it. All 5 of you will have detention for a month!" "A month? But professor, it is quidditch..." "You should have thought of that earlier, mister Black." "I'm sorry, but did you say all 5 of us?" stuttered Snevillus. "Yes mister Snape. Your intention might have been good, but you were late out of bed." The boys and I grimaced.

James' p.o.v.:

That little devil! How dares he? Man, he is so damn hard going to regret this. It's good that he has detention too, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to punish him less worse. I will show him the consequences of peaching us to a professor! After the preach of professor Merrythought, we all went to bed. We still talked a bit to eachother, while whispering of course. "We have to see the Quidditch match tomorrow. It's Gryffindor vs. Slytherin." I said. "How? We have detention, remember?" said Remus. "Really? I didn't know that! Since when?" I asked with sarcasme; Sirius and Peter laughed. "Maybe we know an answer tomorrow, but first, let's sleep." suggested Peter.

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