The best <3


2. England

As I was packing my bag to move across the country my mom decides to tell anther shocking idea. "So me and Niall's dad are getting married" she said as she brought in a suit case. I had nothing to say to her. I just continued packing as she walked out. How could she do this to me? After I packed my mom and I got in the car and drove to Rachael's house. (My bestfriend) I told her what was going on and she demanded to go with. Her mom and my mom were fine with it. She packed her back quit quick. We drove to the air port in silence. I honestly had nothing to say to my mother. I was glad that my best friend was going to live with me but sad because I was going to have to live with my one love. I finally told Rachael who we were going to be livening with. She freaked out. We got on the plane. Wasn't a very long flight. We arrived and as we got off the plane we herd screaming. I looked and sure enough there was Niall and his dad waiting. Niall gave me a hug and said welcome home sis. I loved the hug. Warm. Loving. Tight. And Rachael just cried she was so excited. We drove to Niall's house. Well more like castle. And got our bed rooms assigned then we herd a knock at the door.

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