Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


2. First Impressions

I woke up at 9, I still had plenty of time since our ‘meeting’ was at 12. I got up, had a shower and threw on some nice clothes and walked downstairs to get some breakfast. As i got downstairs, I noticed there was a letter by the door. I picked it up and it was addressed to me! I never get letters. I opened it excitedly, and I started screaming when I realised who it was from. My dad! The letter explained how he has been travelling a lot lately, and that he is now in India, and for my birthday HE IS GOING TO COME AND VISIT! That’s only 7days! Oh my gosh I’m going to see my dad again after 8 long years without him. I can’t wait!

“Stop screaming Hollie!” Luca shouted groggily from the top of the stairs, Luca is my younger brother, he’s only 16.
“Dads visiting for my birthday!” I shouted up to him excitedly.
“REALLY?” he shouted back running down the stairs.
I showed him the letter and he grabbed it out of my hand, he read it quickly, looked up, and hugged me. I was quite shocked at first, because we never really hug, but I enjoyed the moment and hugged back. When we pulled apart I noticed he was about to cry.
“Hey, Luca, what’s up?” I asked him giving him another hug.
“I-I’ve just missed him so much.” He said struggling to keep the tears back. But before I could speak the doorbell rang.
“Hey Hollie!” Said a cheerful Niall as I opened the door.

Oh my days I had completely forgotten that I was going out with Niall today.
“Hey Niall! Sorry I got a bit caught up with family business.” I said smiling.
“Ok, you ready to go?”  Niall smiled.
“Yep. MUM IM GOING TO LUCY’S WITH NIALL!” I shouted to my mum 
“Have fun!” She called back.

We were at Lucy’s when another familiar face walked in.
“Hey Harry!” Niall said.
Harry Styles just walked in!!! Oh my days, I’m having a fan girl attack!
“Hey Nialler. Who’s this?” Harry said pointing to me.
“I’m Hollie. Nice to meet you” I said smiling.
“Hey Hollie, your very beautiful” Harry said blushing.
I could see Niall frown out of the corner of my eye. Was he jealous? I blushed and smiled.
“So, what are you doing here Harry?” Niall said trying to change the subject.
“Just came to get a sandwich.” Shrugged Harry.
“Cool. See ya later.” Niall said. He was clearly trying to get rid of him.
“See ya” Harry said walking off.
“Haha, sorry about that.” Niall laughed.
“Oh no, It’s fine!” I smiled.
“Harry was right though. You really are beautiful.” Niall said shyly.
“Aww Niall thank you.” I said blushing
“Can I tell you something important?” Niall asked. He was clearly scared about something.
“Of course, what is it?” I said, starting to get scared myself.
“I-I love you Hollie.”

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