Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


14. Fire

Me and Harry started to drive again, both of us grinning.
“I can’t believe I met your dad again!” Harry said smiling
“Neither can I” I reply. We arrived to Taco Bell in a good mood. We ordered out lunch, sat down and started to chat.
“Can you believe we have been dating for 3 months tomorrow?” Harry asked grabbing my hand. Oh my gosh I completely forgot! These 3 months have gone so fast.
“Wow, the best three months of my life!” I said kissing Harry. We completely blocked out the breakup and picked up from where we left off. Finally the waitress came out with our orders and we dug in. I laughed at how fast Harry was eating.
“What?” He asked wiping his mouth with his sleeve.
“You’re such a pig!” I laughed
“You know you love it” He chucked with a mouth full of food.
“Thanks for that” I said as he sprayed me with food as he laughed.
“Sorry babe.” He said licking his thumb and wiping the food off my cheek.
“Stop it! You’re like my grandma!” I laughed pushing his hand away. We were having so much fun, that I didn’t even hear my phone ring, until Harry pointed it out. It was my dad.
“Hollie! You have to come to your flat now!” My dad shouted.
“Why? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” I said scared.
“Your flat! It’s on fire! And your roommate is still in there!” He shouted, I froze in horror, and almost dropped my phone.
“I’m on my way” I whispered and hung up.
“What’s happened?” Harry asked worriedly.
“My flat is on fire and Shawna is still in there!” I said getting my coat on.

We drove as fast as we could in silence. We arrived at the flat, and it was much worse than I expected.
“Where are the fire department?” I screamed to my dad.
“They are on their way” Dad said walking over to me.
“What about Shawna? I have to help her!” I screamed with tears filling my eyes. Without thinking  I ran into the burning flat. There was smoke everywhere and it was making me choke, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was saving Shawna.
“Shawna? Shawna where are you?” I screamed between coughs.
“Hollie?” I heard someone say. It was Shawna.
“Shawna, it’s going to be ok” I said picking her up and running to the door, but I tripped and dropped her.
“Shawna it’s ok! Keep going, I’ll be out in a second!” I shouted, and she ran out. Just as I had got myself back on my feet, a burning piece of wood fell from the ceiling and fell on me. I screamed out in pain as it crushed and burned me. I was stuck, but I had to get out, or I would surely die.

Harry’s P.O.V
“I see someone coming!” I shouted pointing to the door, and out ran Shawna coughing and spluttering.
“Where’s Hollie?” I asked starting to panic.
“She’s still inside, she tripped over” Shawna replied.
“Why did you leave her!”I shouted and ran into the building.
Hollie’s P.O.V
I tried lifting the wood off me, but it was still burning, and I’m starting to feel really dizzy. I knew this was the end, so I laid down, and then everything went black.
Harry’s P.O.V

I ran in and searched every room, shouting her name.
“Hollie? Hollie! Where are you?” I shouted coughing. I searched everywhere, then I finally found her. She was underneath a burning piece of wood which was crushing her. I picked up the wood quickly, as it was still burning, picked her up bridal style and ran out. The fire fighters were there and so was the ambulance. I ran straight over to the ambulance, and told them what had happened to her, and they put her in the ambulance. She risked her own life to save her friend.
The ambulance ride was short and fast, and I didn’t let go of Hollie’s hand once. Please god let her be ok, I don’t know what I would do without her.
Hollie’s P.O.V
I woke up in a hospital room with Harry sitting next to me. My stomach, arms and legs killed.
“Harry, what happened?” I asked confused.
“Your flat was on fire and Shawna was still inside, so you ran in to save her. You did, but you tripped then a burning piece of wood fell on you.” Harry said holding the tears back. All the memories flooded back.
“Shawna..Is she ok?”I asked
“Yes she’s fine. If you were not there, she could be dead.” Harry said. Wow. I didn’t know it was that serious. The doctor walked in and began telling me what happened and what my injuries were.
“You have a broken leg, a fractured arm, a few broken ribs and severe burns on your stomach.” She said reading her clip board. I smiled and said thank you, and she walked out.
“I’m starving!” I stated.
“I will buy some food because hospital food is disgusting!” Harry said pulling a funny face. And then, all of a sudden, everything went black.

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