Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


1. Greetings

“Hollie you’re going to be late for work!” my mother called from downstairs
I groaned and looked at the clock. 8 am. I am so dead! I pulled myself out of bed, threw on my work clothes and ran downstairs to give mum a kiss.
“Hey hun, I called your boss to ask if you could be home at 3 o’clock instead of 5” mum said making herself some toast
“Why?” I asked mum
“The new neighbours are coming over for dinner” mum replied
“Cool, can’t wait to meet them. See you at 3!” I shouted as I shut the door behind me.
Where are my manners? Hello, I’m Hollie, I’m 18 and live with my mum and 2 brothers in a small house in London. My father left when I was 10, and I haven’t seen him since. I always get cards and letters from him, and I miss him loads. Anyway, enough of me, let’s get back to the story.
I arrived at work, which is a cafe named Lucy’s. Not very creative is it? I met my boss who is also my best friend. Weird right?
“Hey Lucy” I said to my boss as I walked in.
“Hey girl, you’re mum called and asked for you to go home at 3, why?” She asked
“Oh, my new neighbours are coming round for tea” I told her tying up my apron.
“Cool, they got a fit son?” Asked Lucy smirking.
“I don’t know I haven’t met them yet! I hope so” I said giggling.
It wasn’t very busy today in the cafe, so Lucy said I could sit and chill with a cake. As I was eating my cake and texting other friends, I noticed the cutest boy walk in with his hood up and sunglasses on, so I stood up and immediately served him.
“Hello, what can I get you?” I asked with a cheery smile.
“Can I have a spicy chicken sandwich please?” He said with an amazing Irish accent.
“Sure, here you go. That’s £2.50 please.” I asked giving him the sandwich. He flashed me a smile and walked out. I was busy thinking about how that was a bit strange, when Lucy walked in.
“What are you still doing here? It’s 3:15!”She exclaimed.
I looked at the clock. She was right! I’m late!
“Oh my gosh! See you later Lucy!” I said grabbing my coat and running out the door.
I walked in to my house and noticed two people standing there chatting to my mum, and I walked in to say hi.
“Ah, Hollie. Meet Maura and Greg, these are our new neighbours.” Mum said gesturing to the people who flashed me a smile.
“Hello, I’m Hollie. Nice to meet you” I said sticking my hand out for them to shake.
“Hello Hollie, nice to meet you too! I’m Maura ” replied the woman.
“And I’m Greg.” The man smiled.
“Let me get changed and I will meet you in a minute!” I said walking up the stairs.
I walked in, threw on a nice dress and went back downstairs.
“Hollie your dinner is in the kitchen” mum said pointing to the kitchen.
I walked in and noticed a boy with brownie blonde hair, and blue eyes raiding the fridge.
“Umm, can I help you?” I said
“Oh, sorry, I was finding something to eat. Your mum said it was ok.” He said looking up from the fridge.
“Hey, have I met you before?” I asked with my thinking face on.
“Yeah, earlier in the cafe. I ordered a chicken sandwich.” He replied.
“Oh, I thought you looked familiar!” I said laughing.
“ I’m Niall by the way” He said sticking his hand out for me to shake it. Wow I love Irish accents.
“Hey, I’m Hollie” I said smiling and shaking his hand.
Hang on a minute. Niall..Irish..Blue eyes..Blonde hair.
“You’re from One direction!” I said excitedly.
He put his finger to his lips and said
“Yes I am. I’m guessing you’re a fan?” He laughed
I nodded excitedly.
“Is that your mum and your brother?” I asked trying to calm down.
He nodded.
“Shall we go back in?” He said leading the way
“Ah I see you’ve met Niall.” Mum smiled winking as we walked in.
I haven’t had a boyfriend in a little while, so I bet mum is going to try and play match maker.
“Quite the cute boy, hey Hollie” Mum said winking.
I just rolled my eyes and sat down opposite Niall, so we could get to know each other. Next thing we knew Niall was going home.
“It was great meeting you Hollie. Can I have your number?” He asked shyly. We swapped numbers and he left. As soon as I shut the door, I got a text from Niall saying:
“Hey Hollie, you looked beautiful tonite xx”
I blushed and replied:
“Thank you, you didn’t look to bad yourself! xx”
Wow. Niall thinks I looked beautiful.
“Can we hang out tomorrow? Xx”
“Of course. Where and when? Xx”
“Lucy’s Cafe? xx”
“See you then :) xx”
Oh my gosh. Did that really just happen? I was smiling to myself when mum walked in.
“What you smiling at?” She asked curiously.
“Oh, nothing. I’m going to bed now. Night!” I said kissing her goodnight. Tomorrow is a big day.

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