The Unexpected

"I don't want a pregnant, juvenile, 16 year old, apart of my family." - Justin.


3. chapter two


"Well, we're here." Pattie soon spoke up, ending the silence, as we pulled up to a house. Or in my case, a big ass building.

My eyes go so big, I thought they were going to bulge out of my head. "Y-You live here?" I breathed out quietly. She chuckled, as we came to a halt. "No, this is my son's house. I'm just staying here for now." She smiled.

I didn't know she had a son. She looks young for her age, so I'm surprised. Why did she adopt me then? Oh no. What if he judges me because I'm pregnant? No, no, no. I should't think like that. If Pattie accepted me, I think he will too.

"Shall we go in sweetie?" She asked nicely. I snapped out of my gaze, and nodded, as I unbuckled my seat belt. I opened the door, and pushed myself up, and out of the car, holding my back right after. "You okay?" She asked as she pulled bags out. I nodded.

I'm only partly lying. I'm having a bad ass back pain, but their usually so, I should be good.

"You can go on ahead in sweetie." She smiled, handing me a house key. I shook my head. "I can get my bags. I'm not handicapped." I smiled slightly. She nodded her head. "I understand, but I don't want you to overdue anything, and I know you're having back pains." She soothed. I looked down.

"Just go on in, and if you see Justin, tell him I need him out here." She smiled. I looked up, and scrunched my eyebrows together. "Who's Ju-" I began asking, but she cut me off. "Justin, is my son, the one that owns this house." She chuckled a little.

I love how she's always smiling. She gives me happy energy. Something I need nowadays.

I nodded, as I turned around, and began walking up to the door. I put the key in, and unlocked the door, pushing it, making it open.

(A/N: Well, don't really know what his house looks like in the inside, in reality, but I'm going to edit a few things, ah.)

I took small steps in and came to a halt, leaving the door open behind me. I looked before me, seeing big ass staircases. It looks like there's other rooms, behind them. "Mom, is that you?" I heard a husky voice get louder, as the walked closer.

I turned my head to the right, and saw an amazing looking guy. I couldn't describe him. His hair, his eyes, his muscular arms, good style- okay, let me stop there.

"You're not my mom." he spoke, as he eyed me. I opened my mouth, and began stuttering. I was so nervous. "N-No, she's, um, o-outside. She said she n-needed y-you out there." I cleared my throat quietly. He chuckled, and his eyes fell down to my stomach.

"How far long are you?" He asked a bit rudely. I looked down, not answering. "You're mom needs you." I spoke softly, as I placed my hands on stomach.

He sighed, as I heard him walk away. Okay, that was weird. Why do I sense that he doesn't like me already? And he looks so fucking familiar. His name, his husky voice. I've seen those eyes some where, I just can't put my finger on it.

My thoughts were interrupted by someone yelling from outside.

"She's pregnant mom! I don't want to deal with that here?!"

Well, that hurt.


Sorry its short, and sucky. The next chapter will be better, I promise. ( :

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