The Unexpected

"I don't want a pregnant, juvenile, 16 year old, apart of my family." - Justin.


2. chapter one


I watched as a nice, bold, classy women sat in front of me. "You must be Avery." She smiled. I gave her a small smile, as I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you." I said softly, as I pulled my hand away, and went back onto my stomach.

"No need to be nervous honey." She smiled softly. I looked down. "Can I ask you something?" I kind of croaked. "Um, sure. Go ahead."

"Why do you want m-me?" I asked scaredly, as I looked up, with soft eyes. "I beg your pardon?" She asked, as she scrunched her eyebrows together.

"I'm just asking because I'm pregnant, and stuff." I explained. She chuckled. "I know sweetie." She smiled. "I already read about you."

Yes, I'm pregnant. I found out two weeks after Diana got rid of me. I was shocked, worried, most of all scared. I am only 16 still, and I'm probably pregnant with a 20 year old's baby. I am for sure that it was the last guy I slept with. Justin? I'm not sure. What's the point of remembering if I'll never see him again.

I am surprised that this women wants to meet me, or even considering adopting me, I mean I'm pregnant for god sakes, who would possibly want a pregnant 16 year old girl apart of their family. Sighing I ran my fingers through my hair and looked down.

"Are you okay sweetie"The lady asked me and I looked up at her. "I'm fine thanks for asking"I said just above a whisper giving her a soft smile which she gave back in return.

Placing my hand on my noticeable belly bump, I started rubbing small circles on it. "So Avery tell me a little about yourself"The lady sitting next to me said. Shrugging my shoulders I looked over at her."What is there to tell"I asked politely tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Well like, your birthday and stuff"She said chuckling, biting my bottom lip I shrugged my shoulders again."Well I was born July 20, 1997 in Toronto, Canada" I said looking down at my stomach."Um excuse me, may I ask what your name is"I asked the lady.

"My name is Pattie"She said chuckling a little and smiling at me and I gave her a sincere smile."You have a really beautiful name"I stated biting on my bottom lip."Thank you sweetie, so do you"She said placing a hand on my knee and I glanced down at it.

"Thank you" I said barley above a whisper."So Avery, who's the baby daddy"Pattie asked with a big smile on her face while my face turned pale, clearing my throat I looked down and started playing with my fingers, how am I supposed to tell her that I don't even know who he is, all I know is his name, ugh she's probably gonna think I'm a hoe or something.

"Well, I don't really know who the dad is, all I know is his name"I mumbled and looked down, the reason why I looked down is because I didn't wanna see her face expression for all I know she could be looking at me with disgust."Aw honey I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have asked"She stated rubbing her hand on my knee.

"It's fine"I whispered, hearing the lady sitting at the desk in front of clear her throat me and Pattie both looked at her."So have you made your decision"She asked looked over at Pattie."Yes I have"Pattie said with a smile on her face."And what will it be"The lady said with a fake smile on her face, I mean we could all tell she didn't like her job.

Looking over at Pattie she gave me a glance, to be honest I was scared on what she was gonna say for all I know she just might say she doesn't want me."Yes, I'll take her"Pattie said and I looked over at her with pure shock written all over my face."Okay good, now I'm gonna need you to sign a few papers"The lady that sat in front of us told Pattie."Okay and honey why don't you go start packing your things while I sign these papers"Pattie said smiling at me.

Quickly standing up but also being careful I had a big smile on my face I couldn't be more happier that what I already am."Oh my god, thank you so much Pattie" I said reaching over and giving her a hug. Once I let go of the hug I gave her one last smile before walking out of the room and over to the dorm I was staying in. Once I got there I twisted the door knob and let myself in seeing Kayla laying down on her back texting and listening to music.

Trudging over to my bed I pulled 2 suit cases from underneath my bed but be careful while doing so and sat them on my bed. Hearing a noise from behind me I saw that Kayla was no longer listening to music or texting, now she was just looking at me with a smile on her face."She's adopting you huh"Kayla asked sitting up on her bed."Yeah"I whispered smiling down.

Looking back up I saw Kayla stand up and walk over towards me."Congrats"She said giving my a hug which I returned back."Do you need help packing"She asked letting go of the hug."Actually yes"I said turning around to look at my stuff, I mean I didn't have much so it shouldn't take that long."So who is she"Kayla asked as we both started packing my clothes.

"She looks very young, like she's barely in her 30's and she's very beautiful"I said finding myself smiling I continued to back my things."Hmm seem's like she's gonna be a cool mo-stepmom"She said glancing over at me. "Yeah and she's very nice"I stated.

After we finished packing my things which didn't take long I grabbed my suitcases and walked over to the door."Now you better text me everyday and remember to come and visit me"Kayla said in a said voice. Chuckling I reached over and gave her a hug."I will, I promise"I said pulling back from the hug."Good"She said wiping away a tear.

"Bye"I whispered before grabbing my things and turning around walking down the hallway, hearing the door shut I felt a tear run down my face. Sighing I was really gonna miss this please, but not as much just my friends here. Kayla to me was like my best friend we do everything to gather, well everything we could do in this place.


I apologize if this chapter sucks, but I promise it will get better throughout the chapters, so bare with me hehe.


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