The Unexpected

"I don't want a pregnant, juvenile, 16 year old, apart of my family." - Justin.


1. Prologue


"I really want to love somebooddyy, I really want to dance the night away. I know were only half way there but, you can take me all the waayy, you can take me all the waaayyy!"

The music boomed throughout the club, making my head pound even worse. I closed my eyes, and held my head, as I continued to stumble around, tripping every so often. Everything is dizzy, and blurry. Everybody's voices, are just echoing throughout my head. Everything kind of feels like I'm dreaming. It almost seems as if you are imagining everything that's happening, and it's really hard to find your stuff. Such as my phone, which I dropped, and lost.

I continued to walk stumble around the club, not knowing what I'm doing, but managed to get shoved into somebody else. I let out a groan, as my butt hit the hardcore floor. "Woah, are you okay?" a deep husky voice asked.

I opened my eyes, to see a guy in blurry vision. "I'm fine." I giggled. He held out his hand for me to take, which I gladly did. He pulled me up. "Can I make it up to you, by buying you a drink?!" He yelled over the music. I twisted my hair in my finger, and nodded my head, with a flirty smile.

He took my hand again, and led me to the bar, where I've been spending most of the night. My first attempt to sit on one of the stools failed, causing the guy to chuckle. "Are you sure you're okay?" I giggled, as I finally sat on the stool sloppily. "Do you want some water?" He asked. I shook my head fast.

"N-NO!" I yelled a little to loud. "I-I-I want liquor." I slurred, followed by a giggle. "How old are you?" He suddenly asked. "19." I giggled. Even though I'm drunk, I know I just lied. I'm actually 16, but what's the big deal? I'm already drunk.


I sat up fast, as I heard a phone buzzing. I looked around at my surroundings noticing, that I'm a very expensive hotel. I heard the shower running, giving me a chance to quickly slip on my dress, and grab my heels, dashing out of the hotel room.

My foster mom is going to kill me. I stayed out all night, and slept with another random guy. Its not the first time, so why should I be worried. Now, I just need to find my way back.


"Avery, is that you?" Diana, my foster mother, yelled. I shut the door, and walked into the living room, where I heard her voice come from. She sat the newspaper down on the coffee table in front of her. "Where were you?" She asked calmly. I shrugged.

"Not sure you care." I sighed annoyed. She let out a deep breath. "Avery sit." she spoke sternly. I shook my head. "I rather stand." He clasped her hands together, as she stood up. "You're going back into the system." She spoke calmly.

My eyes widened, a shook my head fast. "No please don't put me back in the child care system." I begged. "You leave me no other choice sweetheart." she sighed. "I-I'll change. I'll kill the attitude, I'll come home, please don't give me up. I just got here." I begged, on the verge of tears.

"You leave in a week Avery." was all she said before walking past me, and into the kitchen. I ran upstairs, and into my room crying. I threw my heels out of my hand, and jumped on my bed, bawling my eyes out.

I am tired of being thrown around foster home to foster home. I just want a family that'll love me. I know my attitude is not the best, but I'm lonely. Nobody ever tries to get to know the real me. When I drink, the real me comes out. That's the only reason why I'm always out drunk somewhere.

Sleeping with random people on the other hand, is something that happens, but the person always usually leaves me? The one I slept with last night, let me stay? I think his name was Justin? I'm not so sure, but he was sweet to me last night. That's all I can remember.

I sat up, wiping my face, with the back of my hand. I took a deep breath smelling in my scent, which smelled of alcohol, and sex combined. I scrunched up my nose, I stood up, ignoring it for now. I went to my closet, and grabbed some moving boxes I kept.

I went over to my dresser, sitting in front of it, and started throwing clothes in it.

I guess its time to leave again.


Avery Nicole Louis.

16 years old. Foster child.


I apologize my prologue suck, they usually do. Bare with me though, haha. Comments?

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