Not Your Typical Cinderella

Anna's life is controlled by her biggest secret. Once the clock strikes twelve the night begins, although for Anna it's the part of her life which consumes her. What happens when she dances with her prince charming at a party and leaves him dazed and confused right as the clock strikes 12? Will he set out to find her? Or simply find his next Cinderella?


1. 12

Looking around me I see boys and girls gracefully dancing and chatting the night away, enjoying the annual Blitz Ball. Long white dresses and spick black suits fill the room.

Okay, time for reality. What I actually see is hormonal teenagers grinding on each other and taking shots here at the Blitz Ball Club. Girls have barely any clothes on and guys are dressed like modern day thugs.

Currently,  I am sitting here all alone, resisting the urge to join their partying. I know, you're probably thinking why should a 19 year old sit back and resist the urge when she can satisfy the desire?

Well, I have a secret, a secret that consumes my life. I must be sober and away from here by the time the clock strikes 12 or all hell will break lose.

"What's a fine lady like you doing sitting here all alone?" A man hits on me. Oh gosh, I must admit, he is handsome.

"Oh you know just enjoying watching these teenagers in their natural habitat." I joke to the curly haired boy, causing him to chuckle.

"Wow, gorgeous and funny. Score!" He jokes, "Would you care to dance?"
Glancing at the clock I notice the time, 11:07. I should have enough time..

"Sure, why not!" I smile taking his hand and heading towards the crowd of sweaty teens.

For some reason as we approach the floor many people stare, some at the boy guiding me along and some at me. Although, the looks at me aren't kind ones, unlike his. This is creepy and quite uncomfortable. After dancing, erm well grinding for a while, the boy turns me around and seizes our dancing.

"How about we get a drink?"

"I don't drink but we can go in the back and talk!" I yell over the loud music, he nods and pulls me away from the crowd.

"So I never did catch your name?" I pester once we take a seat on a couch.

"Harry, Harry Styles. And yours?"
"Anna, Anna Carlyle."

"That's a gorgeous name, Anna." He compliments causing me to blush.

"Thank you!"

"So, tell me about yourself." He begins.

"Hmm there's not much to tell, I'm just  19 year old trying to finish my last year of high school." I laugh, "How about you?"

"Well...." He begins, although is soon cut off by the alarm on my phone, signaling it was 4 minutes until 12.

"I have to go!" I panicked shooting up from the couch.

"But wait Anna..."

"I'm sorry I've had a good time, really. But I have to go." I rushed, dashing towards the exit. And turning around one last time, "Goodbye Harry."  


Rushing at unbelievable speed across town I knew I had a matter of seconds until I needed to be in the woods, away from the moon. 3 howls sounded in the distance, signaling me I needed be at home turf(the woods) in less than 3 minutes. Pushing my hardest, the west side woods came in view. 2 howls sounded. Keeping my eyes towards the ground, so I wouldn't see the moon, I jumped into the woods exactly as the final howl sounded.  Letting out a sigh of relief, I smiled to myself as I noted I wouldn't be undergoing the usual, painful, transformation process tonight.

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