Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


6. Sea Monster

'Our boat got attacked by something in the water, something big. We were a mile away from shore, when Rain saw something swimming under the boat. But before we could check it out, it was too late. It crashed through the center of the boat and sunk..'

Rain wipes away a small tearing begging its way to slide down her cheek.

'Tell me what happen after. Rain what did you see?'

She starts shaking her head and looks away from me.

'Glenn?' He looks to Rain then to me.

'It happen when we were a few miles from shore.....'


**Hours Earlier**



'This bitch..' Glenn quietly mutter's to himself shaking his head in annoyance as Aztec starts to pelvic thrust into the air nodding his head and sticking out his tongue.

Aztec stops what he was doing and puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head at Glenn.

'Dude, Glenn, you aren't fun anymore. What the hell happen to you? After you got all goggly eyed for Rain, you've been acting really fuckin' weird and shit. What up bro?'

Glenn looks out the glass window in the cockpit and sees Rain and Edward at the very front of the boat talking.

'Just something about her made me wanna change..Aztec, I think I love her.'

Aztec stares at Glenn wide-eyed, 'Dude are you serious? How do you know you love her?'

Glenn continues to stare at Rain from the window, 'We used to be best friends. Rain and I when we were younger, but then as we got older we kinda drifted. The more and more we drifted the less and less I had feelings for her, that was until I saw her again. When Jesse told me that Rain was coming along, I almost didnt come. But after I saw her all those feelings came rushing back to me and knocked me on my ass. I love her Aztec..'

Glenn looks back to Aztec and sees him pretending to sleep. Aztec tries to resist laughing, then Glenn tackles him to the ground as they start rolling around.

'Fuck you Aztec, you asshole!' Glenn starts smacking him in the face left and right. Aztec tries to scream like a girl when a loud crack is heard then the boat stops moving. The guys stop rolling around and look at each other.

'What the hell was that?'

'Shit, I dont know dude.'

Rain starts to scream she sees something.

'Ahh! Glenn! Aztec!'

Both of them get up fast and look out the glass window, they exit the cockpit and look down at Rain and Edward looking over the rail.

'Rain, what is it?!'

She looks at Glenn and the fear in her eyes said it all.

'It was something big! It was huge, I barely saw it! It was swimming right un-!' But before Rain could finish they all hear another loud crack and the boat rises into the air.

Everyone stays still in horror as the boat gets lifted into the air, then at once they all start to yell.

'What the ffuuuuccckkk!?'



'Watch out!'

As Glenn is about to climb down to Rain; cracks seperate the two from each other and splits the boat in half.  As the two pieces seperated Glenn and Aztec flew back and over the rails pummling into the water with a loud splash. As they both dove into the water, the boat was too dropped with them and with an even greater splash shurned the water and flung the two under the water around and deeper into the dark cold depths of the ocean. At that moment Glenn realized Aztec couldnt swim and looked for him and finally saw him way furthur down. Glenn tries to swim for him, but suddenly feels the air leaving his body. He starts to feel the full on pressure of the force in the water and he starts to bleed from his ears.

He takes one last glance at Aztec and sees him nearly engulfed in darkness. Little air bubbles flutter up past him as he looks up and starts thrashing his way up as he feels his reflexes to inhale air coming into play. As he got closer to the syrface, a loud roar rattled him to his core and he remembered the that something lifted them up.

He looks to his left and sees the full bottom half of the creature floating in the water. His eyes open wide and he starts to scream as he breahes the surface of the ocean. As inhales air and little water, he starts to thrash around and gasping for air. Blood continues to seep out of his ear, running down the side of his head.

As soon as he could control himself, he finally hears Rains screaming and crying.

'Edward! What do we do!? Glenn and Aztec are gone! What are we gonna do?! Edward!' She screams with panic in her voice.

Edward says nothing, but stare up at the creature looking him in the eye. Edwards eyes start to turn black.

Glenn starts to scream at Edward, 'Edward jump off! Im here, its safe! Jump hurry!'

Edward snaps out of his trance and the creature roars in anger.

Rain goes to the edge of the shaky boat and looks over it, she looks back to Edward and he gives her a hug. Just then the creature drops the half of the boat into the water. As they both free fall slowly down, Edward pushes Rain back furthur towards Glenn.

The boat hits the water with a slap and a huge splash. Rain barely misses landing on the boat by a few inches, but before she could be engulfed by the water. She could see and hear Edward land on the deck of the ship with a loud thud and splat.

As she starts to go down into the water, the sound of the thud and crack of Edward landing on the deck run through her head. As she looks around she finally sees the creature. She inhales some water as she tries to scream, but swims up as fast as she can. When she breashes through the water, she screams.

She looks over to the boat and sees it slowly sinking. Then she notices the blood slowly dripping off the sides of the boat into the water, her heart beat starts to pick up again. She climbs out of the water and onto the boat. She sees Edward in a pool of ruby colored blood, and Glenn hunched over him, nodding his head. Tears start to spill out of Rains eyes and the sight of him. Glenn looks over to Rain, tears filling his eyes.

She looks up and sees the creature rasing its fist over her head, Glenn charges at Rain and tackles her off the boat. Before Glenn went under he saw the fist come down on the boat and Edward. Smashing the boat into pieces, sending chunks in every direction even blood.

When we came back up, the monster had already dove back into the water and into the deep dark sea. Glenn had to drag along a crying Rain with him to land. As they got to shore they start crawling their way to a stop and lay on their backs looking up to the sky processing everything that happen.

'Glenn, are they really dead? Or am I just dreaming?' Rain asks Glenn with tears still in her eyes..

He keeps quiet.


'No, your not dreaming Rain, your not dreaming..' She sniffles, then in the background a loud explosion is heard.

Glenn and Rain raise up and look into the woods and see smoke coming from the other end of the island.

'What was that? Do you see the smoke!?' Glenn asks Rain. For some reason Rain glances to her left and sees two figures walking out of the water..

Her eyes open wide and her jaw drops.

'Glenn..Glenn..Glenn' He doesnt notice her calling to him.

'Glenn!' He snaps out of his daze. 'What is it?'

She points to the two figures walking towards the volcano.

'Who is that?'

She continues to point then slowly drops her finger then arm to her side.

'Its...Aztec and Edward..'

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