Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


8. Good Riddance

Wiping away the tear's from his face Levi, get's up and walk's towards the edge of the rock examining the blood thirsty creatures a mere inches away from grabbing his feet. 

"You guy's, I think I have an idea. A way for us to get off this rock, but it's really...insane and suicidal." Everyone's eyes and ear's perk up as they pay attention. "We are gonna need someone to distract these thing's while the other's try to get away."

Rain's squint's her eyes as she shakes her head in disagreement, "What?! Are you crazy, who's gonna do it!" Levi drop's his head staring down over the edge of the rock staring at the creature's. 

"Me. I'm gonna do it." Everyone's eyes instantly dart toward's Levi. Slowly looking up meeting everyone's eyes, he shyly smile's as they rush toward's him.

"What the hell!"

"Are you fucking kidding me!"

"No, you are not doing this! No way in hell, I'm gonna let you do this!"

Everyone bombard's him screaming, surrounding him. Jesse grab's him by the shoulder's turning Levi to face him. Both look straight at each other blocking all the commotion. 

"You're not going to do this." Jesse clear's his throat as he stretches out his collar. 

"Then who is?" Jesse nod's his head to the left towards Nova. Looking from both Nova and Jesse with a questioning look, Levi realizes their motive.

"You two are most definitely not going to do this! No way! I won't let either of you!" Levi slap's away Jesse's hands from his shoulder and take's a step back shaking his head. He take's another step, but doesn't feel the ground. Jesse and Nova's eyes open wide in fear as they reach out to him. Falling backward's Levi extend's out his hand to grab hold. Nova and Jesse grab hold of his hand's, immediately getting dragged down by Levi's weight. A pair of hand's grab's Nova and Jesse by the waist pulling them back. 

"Don't let him go!' Rain shout's as she jerk's Jesse back nearly pulling Levi up. Glenn then jerk's Nova and they all four fall backward's to the ground, flinging Levi up and falling on top of Jesse. 

Everyone breathing in hard, get's up wiping away dirt from their clothing. 

"Levi, you can't run away from them all. What if they caught you? You can't defend yourself. But we can, we can do it!" Jesse say's pointing to Nova then back to him. Levi closes his eyes and rub's his temples. 

"Jesse, neither of you are going! I can't lose you both!" Levi scream's out throwing his hand's up in the air. 

"But what if something happen's to you!? What happen's then!? Nothing good come's out of this!" Nova shout's back frowning, her face red.

"Then what are we gonna do?! Huh!" Levi scream's back in her face.

Shaking her head, Nova take's a step back sighing to herself. Jesse keeping his eye's Levi. 

"Glenn! What are you doing!" Rain scream's, startling everyone. They all look in the direction she's pointing. Looking toward's the forest, they see Glenn running. Their eye's widening in shock. The monster's dashing toward's him, roaring and howling. Glenn look's back, nearly tripping. He dissapear's into the forest with the monster's hot on his trail. 

"Glenn!" Levi scream's out one last time before the sound's of the monster's begins dying down as they go farther and farther into the forest. They quietly listen.

"Ahhhh!" Glenn's scream echo's throughout the forest and reaches the group on the shoulder. Rain falls to the ground, holding her leg's to her chest with her head resting on her knee's sobbing. Levi's mouth open in fear and agony. Jesse and Nova staring out toward's the forest. 

Levi look's over at them, worried. "Jesse? Nova?" Turning around, Jesse's eyes watery. Wiping his eyes, he sniffles and shake's his head  attempting to hide their pleasant glare's and smirk's. Walking towards the edge of the boulder.

"We need to get going, before those thing's come back. C'mon." Jesse calmly say's as he swiftly jump's off the boulder. Rain lift's up her head and crawls toward's the edge. Carefully easing herself down, she land's on the ground. Nova look's up at Levi, then turns and walk's towards the edge, jumping off.  "Levi." Jesse calls out. 

Levi nod's his head and jump's off the boulder, they quickly jog toward's the Volcano. Looking back occasionally, they make it into the forest. Stopping they listen intently. 

"Did you guy's hear that?" Jesse cautiously ask's as he stop's raising his hand to signal them to stop. 

"I thought I heard something, but I didn't know what. It kinda sounded like..those thing's from earlier." Rain whisper's.

"We should pick up our pace, they could find us or worse. Something else can find us. Hurry up." Jesse command's as he begin's walking again eyeing everything in sight intently. 




Rain and Nova abruptly stop walking, sitting down on a root. Looking around Levi notices they are on a mountain slope. Walking toward's the edge he look's over, kicking down rocks. Hearing them crash below into a flowing river. He look's back and see's Jesse leaning against a tree looking out into the horizon. Walking toward's him he grab's his shoulder.

"Jesse, back their with Glenn. Why did you act so...devastated?" Levi curiously ask's. Looking down at the ground, Jesse sigh's to himself and look's up.

"Me and Glenn were kinda like best friend's back in Elementary school and Middle school, we were close. But all that changed back before High School in the Summer, everything changed. It happen while you were traveling with you're grandparent's." Levi's frown's as he tries to remember anyone every mentioning anything.

"Glenn had an anger and mental problem, he was unstable, it was pretty bad. One day when he was having trouble with his girlfriend he beat her...and us." Startled, Levi's face scrunches up as tries to process. Looking Jesse in the eye's he questioningly ask's.

"Us? Who's us?"





"It's Jesse, who am I speaking with?" A silent moan escape's the person mouth's from the other line.

"Uh, Hello? Who is this? Is this some kind of joke? Hello?" The person's stay quiet, then a groan is heard. Someone's begin's breathing  hard and rough. The person begin whimpering, sniffling into the phone.

"Okay, this has gone on far enough. Who the hell is this!? I'm gonna call the cop's!" Jesse shout's into the phone frustrated and anxious. 


 Confused, Jesse frown's trying to make out who's talking. "Who is this?" 

"It'" The voice crack's and the person begin's to sob. 

"Ellie? Is that you?" Jesse anxiously ask's as he get's up from his seat. Looking around aimlessly Jesse begin's to walk toward's the front door away from the store with a bag of groceries in one hand.


Jesse look's around for his car, spotting it he quickly. "Are you okay? You sound.." He goes quiet. 

"I'm not okay Jesse." Ellie begin's to cry into the phone, whimpering she groans in pain.

"What happen?" Jesse step's into his car sitting their listening anxiously.

"It's..Glenn. He..We got into a..," She breathes in air as she spit's out blood, "huge fight. He started to.." She cut's herself as she silently sob's to herself

Jesse's draw drop's as he start's the car.

"Where are you?! Is he still their?" Jesse shout's into the phone.

"I don't know, but it's really dark. After I got away from him I ran up the stair's..I'm in the attic. Jesse, please-" Ellie suddenly stop's herself as she hear's footstep's beneath her. 

"Ellie. What's going on? What's happening?" Jesse curiously asks.

Ellie keeping the phone close to her chest, she hold's her breathe. The step's fade away. Sighing to herself a tear escapes her eyes and she places the phone back to her ear.

"It was Glenn, he was walking around the hallway. Jesse please help me." She quietly whisper's into the phone.

"Why didn't you call the police Ellie!?" Jesse immediately drive's out of the parking lot and onto the street. "Where are you?" 

"I'm at his house. No one's home, they're all out for the weekend. Jesse, I can't call the police on him. I can't." Jesse scoff's as he make's a left toward's Glenn's house two miles alongside the ocean.

"Why not?! Ellie this is serious! He could kill you! If you don't I will!" Jesse shake's his head as he pull's the phone away from his ear.

"No! Jesse please! You can't! Jesse-!" A slight squeal escapes Ellie's mouth, Jesse barely hearing the squeal put's the phone back to his ear. 

"Ellie. What happen? Ellie?" Anxiously waiting he suddenly hear's Ellie's scream's over the phone.

"Ellie!" Hitting the gas pedal he speed's down the rode passing red light's and stop signs. Hearing the struggle and scream's he hear's Glenn's voice.

"You thought you could leave me, huh?! Bitch! You aren't dumping me! You whore!" A slap his heard echo through the phone. 

Ellie begin's screaming out Jesse's name to help her. Hanging up the phone Jesse dial's in a number into the phone and put's it back to his ear. 

"Hurry up! Pickup pickup pickup pickup!" Someone pick's up the phone.


"Nova! Meet me at Glenn's house! Now!" 

Confused, Nova speak's into the phone. " It's basically out in the middle of nowhere. What's wrong?"

"It's Glenn! He's after Ellie! Meet me at the back door!"

Nova catching her breathe in denial. "Why? What happen!?" 

"I don't know just hurry you're ass up!" He quickly hang's up the phone and see's Glenn's three story house in view a mile away. Passing teo houses along the way and a few scarce car's. Driving into the driveway he skide's to the back leaving the car on as he quickly get's out.  Looking around he run's to the back screen door. Looking behind him he spot's Nova jumping over the fence into the yard. Seeing him almost instantly she run's toward's him. Stopping in front of him she bend's over breathing in hard. After a few second's she look's back up and nod's her head. Quietly opening the screen door they step into the living room.

Nova and Jesse let out a gasp as they examine the living room in ruin's. Couche's flipped, furniture broken, blood on the floor, broken glass. They carefully step into the middle of the room, cracking the glass. A few light's illuminating the room's, they walk toward's the front door and look up toward's the staircase circling to the third floor. Nudging Jesse's shoulder, Jesse quickly look's at her.

"Where's she at?" 

"She was in the attic, but then I heard her screaming," Nova put's her hand over he mouth in shock, uneasiness creep's over them as the light's go out. Leaving them in little light from the glowing moon. They quietly take a step onto the stair, creaking with every other step they make it onto the second floor. 

"Should we call out for them? Maybe we can calm him down?" Nova nervously suggest's. Shaking his head, No, you haven't seen Glenn when he's angry. It's...insane. We just have to get Ellie and get the hell out of here."

Nodding her head in agreement, they quietly walk in front of the second flight of step's. They suddenly hear creaking above them, looking up they quickly fall against the wall sliding toward's the dark corner. The step's creaking and cracking from the weight on them, Glenn coming into view as he descend's from the stair's. Nova instantly let's out a loud gasp at the sight of him, quickly covering her mouth. Glenn look's around suspiciously, then continues walking down the stair's slowly. His clothing torn with stain's of blood on them. A scratch along the face to his chin. A few bruises on his face and leg's. 

A tear escape's their eye's as he passes them and into the hallway's beyond them. Letting out a small sigh Jesse let's go of Nova's mouth. They quietly walk to the hallway and lean against the corner, looking into the hallway for Glenn. Nothing.

"He's gone. Let's go." Jesse whisper's. Nodding her head they turn around and make for the stair's. Ascending up the stair's the occasionally look back, but nothing. Making it to the third floor, they tip-toe throughout the hall's looking for the attic door on the ceiling. 

 "Their it is." Nova pointing ahead of them to a square latch on the ceiling. Droplet's of blood falling on the carpet, they look at each other. Hesitating, Jesse slowly reaches out for the latch pulling it down, the ladder fumbling out banging loud against the ground. Gasping they climb the ladder quickly as they hear something on the floor beneath them. Pulling the ladder up and closing the latch they get up and look around the dark attic. 

Adjusting their eyes to the dark the see the dark outlining of boxes. 

"Look for a light switch Nova." They steadily creep around arm's stretched out walking around blind. Nova walk's into a string, looking at it oddly she grab's it and pull's. A flash of light blinding them, as it burns out. Leaving them in a blind gaze. 

"Use you're phone." Nova whisper's.

Checking his jacket pocket's. "I left my phone in the car. Shit." Jesse mutter's to himself. 

"I'll come to you. Hold on." Nova quietly pull's out her phone, shinning ahead of her. Gliding around the boxes she grabs Jesse by the wrist. Jesse frown's at her as he think's to himself.

"What is it?" Jesse look's down and see's a puddle of blood. Nova immediately look's down and see's the same thing. As she is about to open her mouth Jesse quickly cover's her mouth as she let's out a scream. Her eye's glistening with tear's. She begin's shuddering and shaking as the tear's slide down her face and over Jesse's hand. 

Jesse eyeing the puddle see's a trail leading to the corner of the attic. 

"Nova, when I let you go...don't make any noise-" He suddenly stop's himself as they hear a creaking on the floor below them. Their eye's widening in fear they shut their eye's, Nova's mouth trembling as more tear's fall. 

The creak fade's away. Breathing in a sigh of relief they open their eyes. Jesse taking away her phone, he light's ahead of them. Nova grab's hold his wrist as they slowly follow the trail. Jesse quietly calling out for Ellie.

"Ellie? Ellie?" He hear's a crunch at the bottom of his foot. Shinning the light at the ground he see's Ellie's phone with blood smeared on the screen. Looking ahead they continue to follow the trail to the dark corner. A small light illuminating from a small window in the far back from the moon giving a eerie blueish black washed out color. 

 They stop as they hear someone groaning.

Jesse slowly shine's the light towards the corner, "Ellie?" 

A pair of beaten bruised leg's come into light, he shines up more showing her shirt nearly torn off revealing some of her breast and stomach with cut's and smeared blood. Then to her face beaten, bruised, and cut up with a black eye. Blood trickling down the side of her mouth and nose. Her hair nearly entirely cut off. 

Jesse and Nova staring at her shocked. Their mouth open, eyes saddened. Holding back the tear's they crouch down next to hear. Slowly opening her eyes, a blinding light blind's her. Weary she slowly lift's up her arms to block the light. Slightly dazed, Ellie see's both Jesse and Nova on each side of her. 

"Jesse. Nova?" She cough's as she spit up blood and saliva. Jesse immediately turn's Ellie on her side, the blood and saliva spewing out of her mouth. 

"How are we going to get her out of here?" Nova nervously asks as she glances behind them. 

"I don't the cop's. We don't have a choice, and I'm not taking the chance of leaving this room." Jesse mutter's to her, Ellie shakily reaches out to him and grabs his wrist. Surprised, he look's down at her.

Ellie quietly hoarsely whisper's out, "Please Jesse..don't."

"We don't have a choice." A sudden crash of glass is heard under them.

"What was that?" Nova nervously asks as she scoot's closer to Jesse and Ellie.

They hear Glenn voice shouting and cursing out, "Where the fuck are you!? I know you're here Jesse!"

They all begin shaking as a loud thumping noise is heard running up the stair's. Nova look's over at Jesse tugging on his shirt.

"Jesse, what the hell are we gonna do?" Ellie whimper's as she attempt's to lift herself up. ON al four's she slowly get's up and begin's walking toward's the ladder. Watching her in shock they quickly dash after her. Walking next to her they wrap her arm's around their shoulder's. 

"Ellie, what are you doing?" 

"We can't let him up here...He's a monster." She quietly mutter's out before she spit's out blood. Wiping away her mouth, smearing the blood even more. They hear thumping on floor beneath them closing in on them. 

"Jesse! I hope you're fucking car has insurance! Cause it's in the fucking ocean!" Glenn viciously laugh's as he stop's, looking up at the latch. Reaching out to pull it he suddenly hear's glass shattering. Stopping he look's around curiously and walk's away from the latch toward's the stair's and down the stair's.

Jesse begin's shaking as he steadily walks along the slope rooftop away from the attic. Looking over the ocean, he could see his car halfway into the ocean sinking. Shaking in his head in disbelief. 

"That son-of-a-bitch actually did it..."

Nova slowly lower's the latch and peeking out for Glenn. "Clear." She quietly whisper's as she gently lower's the ladder. "Ellie can you walk?" Nodding her head Ellie weakily smiles as she grabs her rib's in pain. 

The ladder barely thudding the ground Nova quickly lower's herself down, looking up she raises her arm's as Ellie steps down steadily. Grabbing Ellie she help's her down. Creeping down the hallway toward's the stair's they suddenly stop. Nova slowly look's back and see's a black figure at the end of the hallway watching them. 

"Nova. I didn't know you were here. Surprise. And where's you're big brother?" Taking a step to them, Nova take's a step back. Unwrapping her arm's from Ellie's shoulder, Nova glances at Ellie. 

Looking at Nova with an uneasy feeling, "Nova?" 

Nova nod's her head toward the stair's for Ellie to go. Staring at Nova in disbelief, "I can't." 

"Go." Nova sternly says as she stares intently at Glenn smirking to himself shaking his head. 

"So, you're gonna leave me Ellie. Huh? You gonna leave with this stupid whore and that nasty faggot! I'm not gonna let you leave me! It's you're fault! No, nononononono," Glenn begin's scratching his head and his eyes flickering from the walls to the girl's. Turning his neck to the side he deviously smiles and bites his lip. 

"I want you both. None of you are gonna leave, but where's Jesse?" Glenn take's another few steps toward's them then burst's into a full on sprint. Nova catching her breath as she shoves Ellie to the side. Glenn then tackles Nova down the stair's, screaming and yelling as they tumble down. Ellie stagger's as she tries to get up, she manages to crawl toward's the step's.

"Nova!" Ellie screams out.

Ellie peer's down the flight of stair's to see Glenn and Nova through the wooden railing, with their bodies hanging halfway out. Struggling to lift herself up, she see's Glenn groaning rubbing his head as he attempt's to lift himself up as well.

"Oh shit." Nova pushes herself of the railing's towards the stair's. Climbing up them, she quickly feel's a hand around her ankles. Yanking her back down she look's back and see's a huge smirk on his face. 

"Get the fuck off!" Kicking him in the face, he falls back, blood dripping from his nose. Turning back to face Ellie she screams, "Ellie! Go! Run! I'll be right behind you!" 

Shaking her head in shock, "I can't leave you." She hoarsely whisper's out. Nova quickly turns around to see Glenn getting back up. He reaches out to grab her again, she kicks him across the face. Slamming to the ground. 

Ellie makes her way slowly down the stairs to Nova reaching out to grab her hand.

"C'mon Ellie! Let's go!" Nova quickly take's Ellie's hand as she get's closer and pulls her down the flught of stair's. They quickly descend down.

"Where do you think you're going!" Glenn roar's as he spin's Nova around, punching her across the face to the ground. Grabbing hold of her face she begins shaking as droplet's of blood ooze down her chin. 

"Now you bitch!" Glenn reaches out for Ellie's neck, Nova screams as she bites his leg. Yelping out in pain he bends down and pulls her up by her hair. 

Screaming out in pain she knee's him in the stomach. Falling to the ground Nova gives him one last kick to the stomach. Groaning in pain he begins wheezing. Nova grabs Ellie by the arm, pulling her along to the bottom of the second flight of stair's. 

"Get back here!" Glenn scream as she fumbles to get up, using the wooden rails as balance he get's up and quickly descends the staircase to Ellie, throwing her to the side and grabbing Nova by the throat. 

"I hate you. It's you're fault!" Choking her to death, Nova begins thrashing at his face kicking and clawing at him. Ellie scrambling to get up see's a demolished table next to her. She grabs the leg and get's up. 

"You're gonna die." Glenn whisper's into Nova's face, her face begins to go white. Ellie raises the leg over her hand and smashing it against his back. Yelping in pain he drop's Nova to the ground, gasping for air, kneeling down he get's up slowly and turn's to face Ellie with a menacing glare. She tries to hit him again, but he grabs the leg and yanks it from her grip. Throwing it to the side.

"Why would you do that?" He whimper's as he caresses her cheek's. His face frowns menacingly as he slaps her to the ground. Nova tackling him to the wall she slams his face into the wall. Grabbing Ellie they make their way down the stairs. 

"Gahh!" Glenn screams as he grabs Nova by the hair and yanking her back up. 

"Nova!" Ellie attempt's to go back for her, but Nova's screams back pointing to go down the stairs.

"Get out of here!" Glenn begin's dragging Nova back up the stairs, as she screams and grabs the railing. He punches her in the face and tosses her onto the top of the stair's. Ellie limping down the flight of stair's, then makes her way to the door. 

"Why would you let her go? Such a stupid ass ducking thing to do, you whore. I'm gonna enjoy this. Painful.." He kick's her in the stomach, rolling onto her sides she wheezes for air. 

"Beg for me to stop! Beg me you sack of shit!" He kicks her again. Blood dripping from her mouth. Keeping her mouth closed as she silently cries from the pain. Closing her eyes tight she rolls onto her stomach. 

"I said fucking beg!" Kicking her again on her side, she let's out a cry. Tear's streaming down her face. Spitting out blood she slightly look's up at his face smiling. A small hint of light from the moon shinning on his face.

"You woman think you're all high and mighty cause you can seduce us men, with you're tit's and body and you're hair.  Ellie, though, her hair was beautiful and I was blinded by it. It's because of her I feel like this!" He screams out, and punches Nova. A purple bruise begin's forming on her face. Blood trickling down her face. 

"But no more. I won't let..let you woman do anything to me again." He huff's as he pop's his knuckles. Nova dazed, looking around aimlessly. Her vision going blurry from the punch. Attempting to lift herself up, she get's on all four's.

"That's what woman are good at, getting on all four's. Whore." Glenn lift's her by her collar to face him. Rolling her head in circles, she makes eye contact with him. Shaking his head in disgust he let's her fall, while still grabbing hold of her collar. Dragging her back up the stairs to the attic. 

"Glenn!" Jesse's scream echo's throughout the house. Startled, he turn's around only to get tackled to the ground. Jesse immediately begin's punching Glenn in the face. Giving him one last punch, blood splurt's out to the side. Glenn look's back at Jesse with a menacing smile.

"Jesse..faggot." Glen tosses him over, both quickly getting up. Glenn fixes his collar, wiping away dirt. Then paying attention to Jesse presence. Biting the side of his mouth, Jesse lashes out at Glenn.

Glenn grab's him by the wrist, pulling him in and head butting Jesse to the ground. He immediately start's kicking his side's and then start's punching him. Jesse gasping and wheezing, trying to cover the attack's. Blood trickling down his neck and nose. He kicks Glenn back, stumbling he falls backward's to the ground. Jesse quickly get's up. Dazed he shakes his head, wiping away blood. 

"God, all this fucking kicking me and slapping me is giving me a headache..can you just let me beat the shit outta you, it'll be easier for you, kid." Jesse brow twitches.

Glenn chuckles to himself as he shakes his head. "This will be simple." He lashes out at Jesse, slapping him to the side only to catch him by the back of the neck and slamming his head down on the wooden floor. A small flow of blood gliding to the stair's. Kicking him on the side, he bend's over him staring at his face. 

"I alway's hated you Jesse..I never liked you. Mainly because you're a faggot, but this isn't about you or me, it's about her." Glenn grabs Jesse's face and turns it to face Nova watching them hazily. 

Her face bruised and swollen. He slaps's Glenn's hand away and spit's in his face. Wiping away the blood he punches Jesse across the face numerous times. 

"Glenn! Stop it!" Nova screams as she crawls to them, jumping on him. Stopping the beating he spins around, trying to loosen Nova's grip around his neck. 

"You bitch!" He grabs her hair and flips her over him. Jesse slowly get's up and shoves Glenn to the table smashing into it. Grabbing Nova they quickly climb the stair's to the third floor. Glenn following behind, tackling them. Rolling around he kicks Nova in the face, rolling down a few step's. 

"Leave us alone!" Jesse screams as Glenn pulls out a switchblade from his pocket. Gulping down hard, he takes a step back. Closing his eyes, Jesse begins to feel light headed. Grabbing his head he scrunches up his face. Glenn swipes at him, scratching his arm. 

Nova quickly skids in front of Glenn shoving him down the stair's. Tumbling down, he slams onto the ground. Shaking his head slowly he aimlessly looks around. Nova quickly grabs Jesse wrist, pulling him alongside her as they race down the stair's past Glenn and to the bottom. Jesse and Nova slipping on the blood, they hit the ground with a loud SMACK. 

Groaning, Jesse get's up to see Glenn jumping off the stairs on top of him with the switchblade in hand. Gasping he look's to see the switchblade in his shoulder. Pulling the blade out Nova jump's onto Glenn's back.

"I'm done playing around with you fuck's!" 

Jesse see's Glenn pulling out a gun from his pant's and aiming it at him. He quickly runs for him, tackling him through the wooden railing. All three falling and slamming onto the dinning room table. Breaking it, they begin rolling around in pain. Glenn groggily get's up, breathing in hard and kicks Nova numerous times in the stomach. Crying out in pain, tear's begin flowing down her face mixing in with the blood. 

He look's at Jesse and kicks him numerous times as well. Picking up a leg from the table, he smacks Jesse across the face. Blood spurting out to the side. Rendering him unconscious. 


Glenn spit's at Nova face, and slams the leg down on her stomach. Knocking the wind out of her, she flutter's her eyes hearing someone barge through the door's. People screaming for Glenn to put the weapon down, flashes of red and blue lights flashing through the windows. 


"And then I blacked out, next thing I knew I was in the hospital bed with Ellie and Jesse in other bed's on both sides of me unconscious." Nova sighs as she look's at Jesse with a weak smile. Sitting down in a circle, Jesse, Levi and Rain listening. 

"Why didn't you two ever tell me this?" Levi says while biting the sides of his mouth, holding back the anger. 

"We didn't want you to go on a rampage.., but after we were out of the hospital we signed up for classes for self defence and Karate. That's why we learned.."

Levi stand's up wiping something away from his mouth and walks away from them. 

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