Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


5. Blackness

~Levi's P.O.V.~



Jesse's lifeless body falls back, my instincts kick in and I catch him. I set him down gently, as everyone crowds him I glance over to Nova and see her struggling to keep her balance. 


She closes her eyes and too falls down on her side. She hits the ground with a thud. My heart sinks to my feet, at the thought of them dead. Rain sees her on the ground and rushes to her. 

'Nova, girl are you alright!?' She gets on her knees and lifts up her head. She checks her pulse to see if she is still alive.

'Shes still breathing!' Rain yells out loud happily. 'Levi, check Jesse'

I look down at him, barely moving. My heart starts to pace faster and faster as I crouch closer and closer to him. I rest my hands on his heart gently. Thump....Thump....Thump.

Hes alive. 

'Hes alive!' I shout to Glenn. 

I walk over to Rain, to bring Nova away from the edge of the boulder. 

'Rain, im going to move Nova away from the edge'

She smiles as I lift her up bridal style and lay her down next to Jesse.

'Yo, Levi. What the hell are we gonna do now?' He says looking over the edge at the creatures surrounding us. They continue to claw at the rock, crying, laughing hysterically, growling, and trying to climb the rock. 

'I honestly dont know, we're stuck. I dont see any way of getting off this. We might just have to wait it out.' Rain shakes her head. 

'But Levi, what if they dont leave? What if they find a way up here? What are we gonna do? We need to think of something, for just in case.' She says nervously.

'I'll think of something, but if you see anything or anyone tell me. Besides we cant do anything with Nova and Jesse like this, we wont be able to protect ourselves if we attacked. Alright?' They both look at the two still bodies on the ground and then nod.

'Good, now keep your eyes peeled. We still dont know what these things can do.'

Alright, but Levi what happen to you guys? Wheres Ashley and John, they were with you guys right?' Rain asks while looking out to the horizon.

'We crashed, something attacked us while we were flying and we crashed. Ashley went missing, and she somehow turned into something. She attacked us and dragged John off somewhere. We followed the trail and found you guys.' I say to the point, leaving some details.

'You guys crashed? Johns dead?' Glenn says rubbing the back of his head.

'We dont know for sure, we followed his trail of blood but it stopped. We couldnt find it anymore. Its like he just dissapeared, its weird. So what about you two? What happen?'

They both look at each other uneasy.

'Whats wrong?' They look at me then to the water.

'The water is'nt safe either. Thats how we got seperated from Aztec and Edward. Something..' Rain stops herself and shakes her head.


She sniffles.

Glenn interjects, 'Our boat got attacked by something in the water, something big. We were a mile away from shore, when Rain saw something swimming under the boat. But before we could check it out, it was too late. It crashed through the center of the boat and sunk..'


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