Fallen Kingdom: The Afterlife

If the past had changed Harry's destiny, did it? Yes. He is dead, and there is no hope in the Wizarding World. This is in Ginny and George's POV. Note: This is sad.


12. Secret House Calls

Ginny's POV


The Order Of The Phoenix, being formed. Just like the old days. Not unlike 3 years ago.

I went up to my room, leaving George in the kitchen, wondering. He should be at work, but now our family is slowly going into hiding. Slowly. Fearfully. Hiding.  I looked around. It had been a while since I had last seen my room, as I had been at Hogwarts for months. There was the small red bed, underneath a huge red and gold Gryffindor hanging. A white dresser, full to the brim with my clothes and makeup. A chest containing pictures of family and friends, dead and alive was on my bedside table, menacing, as pictures of Fred and Harry were in it. I took a deep breath. I leaned against the neutral tan wall, sighing.

"Gintaugo," (I made this up)

The floor rippled and a small black box came into view, rising from the carpet. I took it and slowly opened the lid. There, hidden under a Disilusionment Charm, was the Resurrection Stone. I picked it up, my eyes wet, and turned the Stone thrice in my hand.

Harry appeared.

I gave him a weak, watery smile. He grinned sadly.

"Ginny," he began.

I trembled slightly.

"We need to find out a way to SECRETLY reform The Order Of The Phoenix," Harry continued.

"Unfortunately, many of the Order is dead."

My voice wavered slightly as I spoke. "Remus, Tonks, Lavender, Kingsley, Dumbledore, Snape, Fred, Dean, Dad.... you."

Harry nodded his head slowly. I burst into tears. Harry tried to comfort me, but his hug dissolved as he slipped right through me.

I cried harder.

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