Fallen Kingdom: The Afterlife

If the past had changed Harry's destiny, did it? Yes. He is dead, and there is no hope in the Wizarding World. This is in Ginny and George's POV. Note: This is sad.


13. One by one, we go

George's POV


Ginny had retreated to her room. I sighed. It was just me and Ginny at the Burrow, as Bill, Charlie, and Percy were at work. Mum had also been forced to work. Our salaries were pitiful, more pitiful than before. Probably because we're blood traitors. Blood traitors were almost as bad as Muggle Borns to the Ministry. My hate bubbled.

I was waiting impatiently by the door. Charlie was quitting work at the Ministry today to go back to handling dragons in Romania. We were slowly quitting to try and rebel against the Ministry and Voldemort. Bill would leave next, then Mum, then Percy, as Percy used to be a Ministry fanatic, and it would be less suspicious if he left last. Charlie would get home in about 10 minutes. Bill would quit in a week, then Mum would quit in 3 weeks from then. Percy would quit in 2 months, as we still need money.

I heard a rap on the door. I rose from the chair and opened it. There stood Charlie, pale as a ghost. He came in. I was worried, why was he so pale? He answered my unasked question.

"I had a hard time getting out." he explained, "the Minister was confused, and I could barely talk my way out of it. I really hope they aren't following me..." he trailed off, looking troubled.

"I share your misgivings," I said, "we should go get Ginny, she has..."

'What?" Charlie questioned.

"The Resurrection Stone."

Charlie's jaw dropped.

"W-what? How...?"

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