Fallen Kingdom: The Afterlife

If the past had changed Harry's destiny, did it? Yes. He is dead, and there is no hope in the Wizarding World. This is in Ginny and George's POV. Note: This is sad.


7. Letters

Ginny's POV


I woke with a start as my alarm clock went off. I got up and blundered tiredly to my wardrobe, grabbing my school robes. Dressing quickly, I headed to the Great Hall with my best friend Milly. We sat at the end of the table. I grabbed some toast and marmalade, and set them on my plate, ravenously devouring my breakfast.

"Owl Post is soon," reminded Milly. "I wonder if we will get any letters?"

"Maybe, let's hope the Death Eaters don't check them first."

Milly nodded seriously in agreement.

She was right. Owls came soaring in, dropping parcels, packages, and letters onto their owner's laps. Soon I spotted Errol flying limply toward me. I got ready to catch him, but he landed with a thump right in my orange juice. I picked up the poor owl and dried him off. He waited for me to read my letter.

"What does it say?" asked Milly eagerly.

I tore open the envelope and unfolded a letter from home. It said:



Your father is dead. Don't reply, the Death Eaters will be watching. We want to have a decent funeral, but as you know, the dead are now burned... His last words were "Don't stop fighting.". Don't stop fighting Ginny, be brave like the amazing Gryffindor you are. I love you.

Love, Mum


There were teardrops splattered all over the piece of parchment. I added more.

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