Fallen Kingdom: The Afterlife

If the past had changed Harry's destiny, did it? Yes. He is dead, and there is no hope in the Wizarding World. This is in Ginny and George's POV. Note: This is sad.


6. Hoarse

George's POV


One night, at the Burrow, my father came home exhausted and limping. Mum ran over. Dad was dripping with blood, and he lay on the couch, moaning. He coughed and sat up.

He spoke in a hoarse whisper.

"Work.... was horrible. Minister Dolohov came to my office this morning, and brought.... his... master with him. They t-t-tortured me and they asked me some things. For information,"

My Mum was silently crying, and she soon noticed Dad pulling aside his shirt collar. A long deep gash stretched across his throat, and he struggled to breathe. Mum was panicking and trying to heal the wound by saying 'Episkey', but it was no use. The wound was inflicted by Dark Magic, and had proved to be fatal. I kneeled at his side, crying. He looked at me and touched my face.

"Don't stop fighting..." he rasped.

Dad gave a shudder, and sighed, taking his last breath.


Mum had fainted, she was lying on the floor with tears still sparkling on her eyelashes. I took her hand and put it in Dad's.

"Don't stop fighting..." I repeated Dad's last brave words, my voice hoarse.

With untold grief.

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