Love is blind. Well, so am I.

Capri Sun faced the worst experience any child could go through at age five. People feel pity for her, but she does not. Capri has been facing the world as she is; a blind young woman. Since that day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, her point of view changed forever. Capri learned that she might never know how “love at first sight” feels, but she does have the chance to love.
Unlike her, Justin was able to experience love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him. - "Would you seriously give me and everyone up for a blind girl with no sight?" - Even though Capri had no idea what Justin looked like, there was no doubt that she wanted him more than anyone. Love is, indeed, Blind.
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2. Pedophile

"Can I help you in any way?" I asked after I calmed myself down from the heart attack he almost gave me. I held my head high and straight forward, as seeming to be looking at something- not that I really was. According to my iHelpBlind app, in front of me was the buttons to the floors in the hotel. "What floor are you getting off at?" He asked casually, completely ignoring my question. I felt my eyes roll, although I sometimes don't mean it. It isn't my intention, anyway. "Why should I tell you? How can I be sure you're not some creepy pedophile?" I teased. I, for fact, knew this boy was about my age; according to his voice. But you never know whose danger and who's not. When you're blind, you're extra careful. Someone could be following you home for all you know. "Awe, come on. Do I look like someone who would hurt you?" He asked in an 'aw' voice. I kept silent. Awkward minutes past, only because neither of us had push any buttons. "I don't know." I whispered. It was too soft for him to hear but he had to hear something. Meanwhile, more minutes of awkwardness past.

"Why don't you look at me?" He asked. Two seconds later, I felt a warm hand take a hold of my chin and force my head to jerk up a bit. I felt his body in front of me. Obviously, he took however many spaces kept us apart to get this close. I was still staring at nothing but blackness. But anyone is big enough of a fool to believe I'm looking at them. "Nothing. Just, please leave me alone." I hesitated. He let go and took a few steps back. "What floor?" He asked harshly. Personally, he asked full of fury, which led me to believe he was mad. But honestly, why would he be mad that I don't look at him? Most guys I meet, are glad for me to ignore them after they find out I'm blind. I don't need any other scenario where I'm being ignored after I was just loved because people find out about the absurd problem I have. 

"Five." I said softly, "I'm Capri. Sorry I refused to look at you; it's just... well..." "Capri? Unique but very cute name. I'm Justin. And its okay, most girls also refuse to look at me because they’re afraid they might blush." He chuckled at the last sentence. "It's not that." I raised my voice. The fact that he thought I was attracted to him when I didn't ever know him made my body tense up. "It's okay. You don't have to lie." He reassured.

I was about to burst with anger but the elevators door opened. I stood in the elevator for a few seconds before Justin spoke up, "Um, are you going to get out? This is your floor." I put my head down as if looking at my feet and put my phone on my ear as if I got a call. "Where off to?" I asked the phone. The iHelpBlind spoke up from the phone to my ear buds, making Justin unable to hear. "Take four steps straight and then to the right, take fourteen steps." It spoke.

One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.

"Slide your room key and go in." Said the female voice. I hadn't bothered to say bye to Justin. I just walked up to my room. Inside, I ordered the iHelpBlind to describe the blueprints of the shape of the hotel room and where everything was. It did as I asked. I knew exactly where the T.V remote was, where the coffee table, the king sized bed, the sofa, the bathroom all were. Even small little details mattered. I put my iPhone4 down on the king sized bed and walked toward the bathroom as if I could see. Since my life has been filled with blackness and nothing else, describing something made me visualize it exactly as it is. I walked around the room as if I lived here, and knew every inch of it. I closed the bathroom door and locked it. I stripped off my white shirt that, according to my parents, said in big bold letters; 'I ain't watching you.' It's my favorite shirt, mostly because it's true. Then I stripped of my jeans and underwear. I was in the mood for a hot shower. As I reached for my clothes which I assumed were in the floor, my fingers touched some paper that had fallen out.

It was odd. I don't use paper. Much more odd is that this paper was ripped and had fallen out of my jean pocket. I took the paper and stood up. With my fingers, I traced it and studied it. Then, I came to a conclusion. This was a phone number. But from who? What was his name again? Ah, yes. Justin.

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