Love is blind. Well, so am I.

Capri Sun faced the worst experience any child could go through at age five. People feel pity for her, but she does not. Capri has been facing the world as she is; a blind young woman. Since that day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, her point of view changed forever. Capri learned that she might never know how “love at first sight” feels, but she does have the chance to love.
Unlike her, Justin was able to experience love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him. - "Would you seriously give me and everyone up for a blind girl with no sight?" - Even though Capri had no idea what Justin looked like, there was no doubt that she wanted him more than anyone. Love is, indeed, Blind.
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5. Mistakes & the truth

"Wow there, it's just me, Capri." I heard Caitlin's voice say from behind me. "Oh um.. sorry you just scared me a little." I said embarrassed while she just laughed. "Hey are you guys coming or what?" I heard Justin scream from my right. "Yeah yeah, come on Capri!" Caitlin said. " Um no,i rather stay here." I whispered, scared of what they would think of me. You see, I can't swim. "Aw is little Capri scared of some water?" Justin said in a baby-voice. "N-no, I can't..." Before I could even finish my sentence the boys had picked me up and walked, I think, towards the pool with me. While they were al laughing I felt scared, like really scared. "No no, please guys I can't swim!" I screamed, but they already dropped me in the pool. 


Since I can't swim or see anything I felt myself getting a bit dizzy while I tried to swim to the side. I heard someone else jumping in the water and picking me by my waist before I felt myself moving to the right. The person who helped me layed me on the ground and before I came unconscious I heard someone whisper "I..I'm so sorry Capri." Justin... And then everything became quiet.



I heard voices around me, waking me up. "I'm so sorry Mr. & Mrs. Sun, I.. I didn't know and I.." "Justin, it's not your fault I should have told you." I cutted him of, my eyes still closed."CAPRI!!" 'They', whoever they were, all screamed, giving me a headache. I felt arms wrap around me, scaring me. "Who is this?" I smiled, I heard a cute giggle before the person started talkng. "Well if you open your eyes, you can see it yourself silly." Justin laughed. My smile fell and I felt tears forming in my eyes. I opened my eyes and searched with my hands for my phone. BINGO. I clicked on the home button and stood up. I turned around, made sure my IPhone helped me to the hall before I whispered, crying already, " No, I I can't." 


After my phone helped me to find my way to the hall, I sat by a wall and cryed to myself. A couple minutes passed and I heard a door open and close in 5 seconds. Not so lang after that I heard him, while he sat next to me. "Capri, I.. I what did I do wrong to make you this upset?" he whispered, his voice cracking as if he was crying. Was he? "Are you crying?" I whispered. "No, are you?" "Maybe" I half smiled. "I'm so sorry cupcake, for what happened today. I didn't know" Justin whispered while he hugged me. "It's okay." I said, looking up at wherever he was. I smiled and layed my head on his shoulder while he kissed my hair. Wait what? We really look like a couple right now, don't we? "But ehm C.." Justin started. Did he just call me C? "what do you mean by 'I can't'?" He said, quoting me. "B-because I can't see anything Justin.." "Huh what do you mean..?" Justin said sounding confused. "I.. I'm blind Justin." I whispered scared. "That's why I bumped in to you today and why I never really look at you. Why I can't swim and why I'm always busy with my phone when I have to walk somewhere.." I cried waiting for Justin to freak out and leaving me here, to cry in a fucking hotel hall. But that never came..



So what did you guys think?! This was my first own chapter and I'm really happy with it! Oh and pleaaaase, send your friends a message saying 'Go read the story 'Love is blind. Well, so am I.' or something like that, that would mean so much to me, well i hope you guys like the story and fave & like! Bye!


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