Journey To Hell

Someone realized that they will never want to go to hell ever again.


1. Journey To Hell

Journey To Hell

I say goodbye to the calm Earth, now knowing that I will never return. I died in a prison cell, I committed a murder. I know that I won’t go to heaven but I will go to the place of torment, hell. I am going here to pay for my sins; I am going here so I can get anguished by the devils which awaits for me there, I am going there so they penalize me for all the crimes I have committed, I going there so the gods can see me suffer just like all the people that I have hurt did.

The gates opened, I was greeted by some of the devils. They flew around my head making me nauseous and sick. First there was a trial to see what punishment I will get. The punishments were not just too live and rot in prison, they were far worse. The trial started and ended for 12 hours. I had to sit while they read the punishments out and then all the devils give their verdicts to everyone and then there is a big vote. In the end I got the worst punishments. It was between being eaten up by miniature insects and being saturated in hot oil. In the end it was neither. I had to be tortured by wild animals. This I found the most difficult one because I am petrified of animals. After the court ended one of the devils threw me into one of the rooms. The rooms were gloomy and unhygienic. In there were many other people. One by one they left and when a name was called out, that person was going to be in agony.

You start to get to know people in there are starting to ask why they were put here. Days, weeks and even months have passed. Then one day, my name was called out. I stood up and was taken out of the room. We went in another room. The walls were painted white. The devil told me, “Watch out!” Suddenly I fell to the ground. I can see all these people all crying for help. All of them were shouting, “Please, please. I’ll change.” But no one was listening. You can see all these animals suffocating the people. I saw everything. This was going to be me. All I smell is blood and fear. Then the devil said to me, “Now it’s your turn.” It flew away and I tried to jump to grab the tail, but it was no use. I have to pay for my sins. The animals grabbed me and pulled me to the bottom of all the animals. I think that is where all the cruel and vicious animals are seeing as they want me. I tried to grab hold of someone’s leg but the animals were too tough they started to pull both of us down. I started to realise what I have done too all the people I hurt. Then suddenly I woke up from my nightmare. I realised that I haven’t committed a murder and I haven’t died, but I decided to be a enhanced person because I never want to go back there again.       

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