The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


48. We have to find her!

Niall's POV

"He...he has her."

Those words cut through me like a sword. "Who's he?" I faintly hear someone ask.

"Jason." Taylor whispers.

That's when it all starts to come together. Taking Taylor just to get to her. When I think of that I get angry. I grab Taylor by the shoulders and hold her against the wall. "This is all your fault!" I scream hoping to make her see the truth. "If you hadn't done all that shit to her then she would be with me right now." I still have her against the wall and I see her begin to start crying again and my anger settles down a little bit.

That's when I feel all the guys pulling me off her and once they get me off Harry rushes to Taylor's side. "I'm sorry." I mumble as I sit on the ground. I feel my phone vibrate and it's a text from an unknown number.

"You'll never see her again!" I drop my phone and put my face in my hands and let out all the tears I've been holding in. I see someone reach down and grab my phone off the floor and they read the message out loud. 

Nicole's POV

I am still tied up to the bed waiting for Jason to return. Just then I hear the door close from downstairs and I hear someone running up the stairs. Jason appears in the door way and I try my best not to turn away and glare at him.

"Miss me?" I don't answer and I just look down at the floor.

"Come on don't be such a sour puss! Your friend's safe and now it's just me and you." He says stroking my thigh. The next thing I know he is pressing his lips to mine in a forceful kiss that takes me off guard.

He takes off my shirt and I try my best to get him off of me but he is just too powerful. He lays more on me so now their is no way to escape. I start to panic as I realize he isn't going to stop, this isn't just making out.

He kisses his way down to my stomach and goes back up and sucks on my neck. I look at him with disgust when he isn't paying attention to my face. Just then I get an idea that has to work because it is my only chance to get out.

He takes off my shorts and begins to take his shirt off when I stop him "Isn't that my job?" I say smirking at him. He looks at me a little astonished but then smirks and begins to untie my hands.

"I knew you'd come around." He finishes untying me and I take his shirt off and roll over so I am now on top of him. I kiss down his neck and stomach making moans come out of his mouth.

Just when I reach his pants he stops me and flips us back over. He starts to insert his fingers inside of me and I fight the urge to push him off. He curls his fingers as he goes faster and right when he starts to lean closer I stop him by reaching up and sucking on his neck. He stops instantly and it gives me a chance to do what I've been waiting for and I knee him right where it hurts. He groans and falls over next to me.

Now's my chance, I get up not worrying about my clothes and the fact that it's January and run down the stairs and out the door. I can hear him as he gets up but by then I am already out the door and running through the woods the way we came.

He made the mistake of not blind folding me like he did to Taylor. I reach the clearing and see my car sitting their and I realize I don't have my keys so I have to continue to run. I don't bother to turn around knowing that will only slow me down. I run along side the road and realize it must be quite late because it is pitch black out. The only thing that helps me find my way is I know where I am going since I've been here so many times.

I see the police station right down the road and I run faster then I ever thought possible and burst through the door. The cops in their quickly grab their guns as I probably look like a lunatic running through the police station with no clothes except underwear and a bra.

"Ple...ase!" I say out of breath as one women comes closer to see the bruises on my arm. Ya Jason was a little rough. I shudder at the mere thought of his name.

Two police officers start getting my statement of what happened and another one brings me a blanket and a cup of water. I finish telling them what happened and they instantly go out in search for Jason.

"Sweety we have called your parents and they are on their way." One of the cops tells me and I give her a weak smile as a thank you. The door opens and I see Niall run though and I get up and run to him as he throws his arms around me. "Are you ok? Did he hurt you?" He shouts and then looks down at my near naked self.

"I'm ok can we please just talk tomorrow!"

"Of course come here!" He says and wraps me into a hug as I cry into his chest. He picks me up and carries me to his car and starts to drive us home. He once again picks me up and lays me on my bed and goes to the other side and climbs in. The minute he gets in I crawl over to him and grab his shirt not wanting to ever let go again.


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