The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


12. Telling Taylor

Nicole's POV

It has been a few days since Niall left and we have been texting nonstop excpet when he has a concert. He has also called me a numerus amount of times and I just love to hear his voice. I have decided today that I'm going to tell Taylor about Niall. To be honest I've kinda been avoiding her because I don't know how she will react. I pick up my phone and diall Taylor's number.

"Hello?" I can hear her yawn on the other end she must of just woken up even though its already noon. She always tends to sleep later.

"Hey Tay it's Nicole!"

"Oh hey what's you?" I hear her say a little more awake now.

"Can I come over?" I really hope she's not busy today. If I don't tell her now I don't know when I'll have the courage to say it again.

"Sure! Come over right now!"

"Awesome i'll see you in like 5 minutes."

We say our good byes and hang up. I run down stairs grab my keys and jump in to my black honda accord. I know not the fanciest car but it's my brothers and he lets me use it while he's at college so it's free. Ya I have a brother and sister they are twins and they are both going to be juniors in college.

I drive off to Taylor's house. I've been there so many times I could probably get their with my eyes close. Which of course I won't! I run up to hr house and just go right in knowing that her parents aren't home and she doesn't care if I just come in. I go up to her room and see her on her bed eating a bowl of cereal.

"Hevo" She sys with a mouth full of cereal.

"What?" was she speaking English?

She swallows and then says " I said hello"

"Oh hey!"

"So what made you finally decide to hang out with me?"

What do you mean I always love hanging out with you your my best friend!"

"I know it's just the past couple days everytime I ask if you wanna hang you say your busy."

"I know I'm sorry it's just i've been meaning to tell you something and I don't know how your take it."

She gives me this look that says continue. "I'm datingniallfromonedirection!" I spit out really quick.

"What did you say?" She laughs a little when she say's that but she doesn't know how hard this is for me.

"I am dating Niall from One Direction."

She just stares at me. "Hello Taylor." I wave my hand in her face to see if she's still with me.

She nods and just starts to laugh. I didn't think I said anything funny. I give her a look that says what's so funny.

"You can't be serious your just kidding right?" I roll my eyes and go grab my phone. I knew this would be her reaction.

I quickly diall someones number and wait for them to pick up.

"Hey babe everything ok?" He always is so worried I love it!

"Everything's fine it's just Taylor doesn't believe we are really together."

Taylor's POV

Nicole's on the phone with some guy. She can't really be dating Niall Horan! I mean she's my best friend and I love her but seriously I couldn't even get Niall Horan. I can't hear what he says but then Nicole smiles and says sure and hands me the phone."He wants so talk to you. I nervously pick up the phone not sure of what to expect. "Hel..lo? I didn't mean to stutter it just came out. "Hey Taylor I believe Nicole told you about me." OMG it was really him! I'd recognize that irish voice anywhere. "Ya uh hi" I say still totally shocked it's him. I hand the phone back to Nicole not even able to speak anymore. She says good bye and they hang up. All I do is stare at her while she has this I told you so look on her face.

Nicole's POV

If I had a camra to capture the look o Taylor's face it wold have been perfect. "Now Taylor you can't tell anyone! OK?" I hope she understands "Why not?" I was hoping she wouldn't ask an just agree to it. Bur of course she didn't. "Because if the paparazzi find out they will follow me everywhere and I don't want that! So promise me you won't tell ANYONE!" "Ok ok I promise!"

"Good!" "So now when are you gonna hook me up with Harry?" She winks at me and we both just die laughing. See this is why I love her as a best friend she always knows how to make e smile. I don't know what I was so worried about telling her was the bes thing I ever did.



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