The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


35. Paybacks a bitch

What the hell?

I looked at the persons face and had to do a double take to make sure I was really seeing this. It was Taylor getting into a car with Jason?

I mean they met that one time at Hershey Park when he asked for MY number. How did they end up working together to plot my end or something? My thoughts are then interrupted by Starr coming up next to me and asking "Hey who's the hot guy Taylor's with?"

I did my best to suppress a glare as I watched them drive off. "Nobody," I said as I walked off to grab my stuff.

I left practice and grabbed my phone out of my bag to see if Niall has called. But, sadly I find that I have text message from Taylor instead.

'Hey girl sorry but I had to leave early, so I can't give you a ride. My grandmothers in the hospital. I'll see you tomorrow love ya!'


I can't believe her, lying to me by saying her grandmothers in the hospital. That's low even for her. I then quickly run over to Maddie's car and ask her for a ride since mine obviously ditched me to go and hang out with the guy trying to ruin my life and my relationship. But, I guess they both are so it kinda fits doesn't it?


The next day I wake up with the memory of seeing Taylor get into Jason's car. What is he doing here anyway!

Then thinking of Taylor I remember that her birthday's this weekend and we always have planned each others parties. It's always been our tradition to surprise the other one with an amazing party.

Maybe I just won't do it this year. Then she will be completely torn when she wakes up and there's no party. I can't do that.

That doesn't even compare to what she did to me. Just then I have an amazing idea. What if I have her party and just make it one she will never forget?

I get up and get dressed quickly thinking of all the things I can do to get back at her and to even annoy her. Starting with constantly talking to or about Niall since she obviously hates him enough to send me threatening notes telling me to break up with him.

I run downstairs and I grab an apple to eat off the counter and wait for her to pick me up. As soon as I see her car pull up I pull out my phone and dial Niall's number praying he'll pick up. And with my luck as soon as I step into her car he does.

"Niall! Hey! I missed you." I give Taylor a sideways smile as she starts the car and out of the corner of my eye I can tell she's annoyed. Score!

I talked with Niall the whole ride to school and even as we were walking into school. I also made sure to through in as many I love you's as possible. When I got to my locker is when I finally hung up with him.

"It's about time. You talked with him the entire way to school. You didn't say anything to me." The look on her face was pure annoyance. Perfect.

"Sorry I just really miss him." I say while opening my locker.

"Ya I know you said that. Like twenty times." That last part she said under her breath hoping I wouldn't hear. Which I pretended not to.


The end of the day came pretty fast and the whole time I went around inviting people to Taylor's party. I wanted as many people to come and witness my amazing plan as possible. I also spent the day planning my revenge.

After stopping at my locker one last time I made my way to Taylor waiting at her car.

"What took you so long? I've been waiting forever." I just simply gave her an apologetic smile as she started her car.

As we drove down the street I decided to be bold and ask her something and see what her response would be.

"You remember when we went to the One Direction concert and we stopped at Chocolate World?" She just nodded as she kept her eyes on the road.

"Well remember that guy we met? Jason?" Again she just nodded. I could tell she was uncomfortable with where things were going.

"What a jerk he turned out to be. I mean the way he acted in London. Kissing me because he saw Niall watching. How pathetic. I mean who really does something that lame just to get attention?" I saw her hands clench the wheel tighter as I finished my little rant.

"Ya who does that?" When she said that I just wanted to scream YOU! But, luckily I was able to control myself.

She dropped me off with out saying another word and I got out with a triumphant smile on my face. But before she could drive away I made sure to yell into the window "Don't forget about your party this weekend it's going to be awesome!" For the first time since we got in the car she smiled "It better be!" And with that she drove away.

I've taken the last few days to plan for Taylor's party and all my hard work has finally paid off. I am now standing in a crowded ballroom at the Marriott hotel that we rented for the night. Well I mean her parents did.

Everyone is dancing having a good time along with Taylor that I see in the middle of the dance floor grinding with some guy that I think is in my math class. Mark maybe?

I walk over and go and make sure my little "presentation" is ready. It is and I walk over and grab the microphone and start to get everyone's attention.

As expected everyone stops and looks at me and the DJ stops playing the music. "Hello everyone and thank you so much for coming tonight. I know Taylor really appreciates it!"

Everyone claps their hands and I quiet them down again with a gesture of my hands. "Now if you don't mind I have put together a little slideshow for you all."

I gesture for the tech guy to start the slideshow and everyone looks up at the screen as pictures of Taylor pop up. The first one is of Taylor when she was a baby and everyone ooh's and awe's.

The next couple are of her growing up and then the one I've been waiting for pops up. It's of Taylor after she wins a pie eating contest and her whole face is covered in whip cream and theirs a cherry on her nose from when her dad stuck it on there.

Everyone in the room starts laughing except for Taylor whose face has gone bright red. The next one is no better and it's of her after she woke up after prom last year.

She was hung over and she was sitting next to the toilet with her hair a complete mess and makeup smeared all over her face.

Again everyone laughed and some even said ew. Instead of Taylor looking embarrassed she looked pissed as she gave me this death glare and all I did was give her a smile in return. The slideshow ended a couple pictures later and one was worse than the last. Everyone was rolling on the floor laughing afterwards all but one person Taylor.

The next thing she did was storm up on stage furious. Everyone in the room just stopped laughing and stared at the scene unfolding before them.

"What the hell was that?" She asked no more like screamed at me.

"It was your birthday present from me." I don't know how I suppressed a laugh and just kept a smile on my face.

She continued to glare at me "What kind of friend are you? Showing those pictures to the whole school!"

Excuse me? What kind of friend am I. This time I couldn't contain my laughter as she said this. Now her face went from angry to plain out confused.

"What kind of friend am I? Um excuse me but I'm not the one who has been sending threatening messages to their best friend telling them to break up with their boyfriend!"

The look on her face was amazing. She looked completely confused and for the first time didn't know what to say. So I actually did her a favor by answer the question that was on her mind.

"The night you spent at my house last week I saw a text message from "mystery guy." O ya it's great to see you're working with Jason. I always knew you two would work out. You know both manipulative assholes!"

Everyone let their mouths hang open at what was happening before them. "Happy Birthday Taylor." I walk off the stage and head for the door when I turn around "I hope all of this was worth ruining a life long friendship." And with those last words I walk to my car and drive home, crying the whole way their.


Ok so listen I'm really sorry this story has kind of turned from the whole Niall Nicole story. But I promise you it will be back in the next couple chapters and I have a big way on how to do so! Well thanks again for all my readers. I just saw I have over 400! I cant believe it! Thank you so much I couldn't continue writing with out you guys!

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