The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


9. Movies and other stuff ;)

Nicole's POV

We jus finsihed the second Toy Story movie and the guys have decided to go lay down or in Louis's case talk to Elenor. Niall and I decide to watch the last Toy Story movie so he gets up and puts it in.

The movie comes on and its about 10 minutes in when I notice Niall looking at me.

"What?" I smile at him.

"Nothing I'm just really glad you came." He says while blushing and looking away. I turn his head around with my two fingers so he's looking at me and say "I'm really glad you invited me."

We just sit and look at each other, it felt like minutes but it was probably only seconds. Then he starts to lean down a little bit and I look up and our lips meet. It was the sweetest most innocent kiss ever and I loved every second of it. Sparks just flew between us! 

The kiss starts to get a little more passionate when his tounge grazes my bottom lip asking for entrance. I happily agree and open my mouth slightly as our tounges dance around each other. I slide onto his lap and straddle him while we are still kissing.

He wraps his arms around my waist and I actually forgot that we weren't alone. That is until we hear "Hpmmmh" We turn around and see Louis and Harry smirking at us. I quickly get off Niall's lap and just look down embarressed. That is until I feel an arm wrap around my shoulder.

Niall's POV

That was the best kiss I have ever had. It was so innocent yet pasionate all at once. I swear I heard fireworks go off when our lips met.

Why did the guys have to ruin it? Oh well I'll get my chance again. We turn back to the movie as Louis and all the guys decide to join us for the ending.

It just ended and we hear someone crying. We look over and sure enough there's Liam crying like a little girl. Typical. Then I look over and Nicole is cying too. Everyone just starts lughing at the two of them. Nicole gives me a glare and gets up and goes and sits down next to Liam. They both just sit their and cry together. It was a funny scene to see.

After they both stopped crying it was 8 o'clock and they decided it was best to go and drop Nicole off despite my  argument for her to stay.

We are only parked 10 minutes from her house so we are there way to fast. We get to her house and the guys leave after they say their good byes so we can do ours.

"Thank you so much for inviting me it was a lot of fun!"

"Well I'm really glad you came. Do you think we could do this tomorrow?"

"The hanging out or the making out?" I knew there was something about this girl I liked.

"Hahaha the hanging out but I would love to do both." We both laugh and then she looks up at me and I swear I knew right then that this girl was the girl for me. I lean down and our lips meet for a sweet kiss.

She pulls away way to early in my opionion and tells me she will text me later tonight. I then watch her as she leaves and walks up to her house and waves from the door. Even though she can't see methrough the tinted windows I wave back. Today has been the Best Day Ever!

Nicole's POV

I close the door and let myself slide down to the floor. I start to think about tomorrow and how he has to leave the next day. I push that thought out of my mind just so I can focus on how today has been the Best Day Ever!


Hey guys its me again! So I thought it was pretty cute how they both ended the night thinking the exact same thing! Well I hope this chapter satisfied you guys that something FINALLY happened! They Kissed! Well they did a little more then kiss! Thanks again to all you guys who have liked favorited or just read this story! More coming soon! Remember to comment and tell me your ideas! I love feed back as long as its not mean!

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