The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


7. Morning after

I wake up to find Taylor sleeping next to me. I almost forgot I let her sleep over last night since we got home at like 3 in the morning due to traffic.

It's then that I remember everything that happened last night. Meeting Jason, him asking for my number, the concert, meeting Niall, and the text from Jason. I sill can't believe I actually met Niall from one direction and that he asked for my number!

I quickly grab my phone and I see one new message! I quickly look to see who it is and it's Jason. I mean I'm happy he texted but I was hoping it was Niall.

J-Hey there:)


J-did you enjoy the concert?

N-ya it was a lot of fun!

J-That's awesome but listen I gotta go I'll try and text you later!

I just sit my phone down trying not to wake Taylor. I get up to go get something to eat and grab some cereal and a bowl. I then hear someone coming downstairs and see Taylor slump down in a chair. I grab some cereal for her and we both sit and eat in silence.

An hour later Taylor decides she's gonna go so we say goodbye and she walks to her car and drives away. I walk back up to my room and sit on my bed when I see I have a text from an unknown number. I quickly look to see who it is and it says...

Unknown-hey it's Niall from last night?

Me-hey what's up?

I cannot contain my excitement as I let out a squeal! Luckily both my parents are out right now.

N- I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today? I was thinking we could just hang on the bus since I can't really go any where.

Me-ya that sounds great I'd love too! But just to let you know I live about an hour an a half from Hershey.

N-that's fine the guys wanna meet you anyway so we can just drive to you and park somewhere near you!

Me- ok I'll txt you my address. When will you be here?

I texted my address and waited for him to respond

N- great we will leave now so expect us in an hour and a half!

Me- alright awesome I'm gonna go get ready see ya then!

Nails POV

I'm so happy she said yes! "Hey guys we are going to go meet that girl I told you about."

"Where does she live?" Harry asked. "About an hour and a half away." The guys all nod and we take off to go meet the prettiest girl I've ever met!

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