The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


40. I can't put myself through that

I'm just sitting on the living room floor wondering what I did that was so bad that he would cheat on me. Miley Cyrus of all people, he knows I can't stand her. Abbey is still sitting with me trying to calm me down but it's not working. Just then I can faintly hear someone walk into the room.

I look up and I see my sister standing there worry written all over her face. I get up for the first time since I found out and run into her arms still balling.

"Ni..a.ll h...e.. chea...ted..." I manage to get out between all my tears.

"WHAT!" Ashley says while holding onto me and rubbing circles on my back.

"I should go, I'm so sorry Nicole." Abbey says as she turns to go home. Ashley and I stand their for I don't know how long just me crying and her saying soothing words to calm me down. Just then I hear my phone ring and I look at the screen and see it's...


Ashley's face gets red with anger as she sees who it is. "Do you want me to answer." She asks looking at the phone. "No I need to talk to him." I say wiping the tears from my face and walking up to my room.

Once I get into my room I through myself on the bed before I answer. "Hello?" I say very blankly.

"Nicole! Hey sorry I wasn't able to call you yesterday we were just so busy."

"Ya I know how busy you were at that party." There now hopefully he will tell me what happened.

"Uh ya it was alright. It would have been better if you were there." Just hearing his Irish voice made me want to cry all over again. But I can't I have to be strong and show him that he did not break me.

Ok I'll just come right out and say it. "Look Niall I know what you did ok? I saw the pictures." The other end of the call is dead silent and I can hear that the background noise has gone so he probably went to his room or something.

"Listen Nicole let me expl-I cut him off no longer trying to hold in my anger "NO YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH MILEY! YOU DON'T GET TO EXPLAIN! THERE'S NOTHING TO EXPLAIN!"

Now the tears start to fall once again and I don't try to stop them this time. "Nicole please I didn't mean to. It didn't mean anything. We were both drunk and we were talking and she kissed me."

"Did you pull away?" Again silence

"I can't believe you. I thought you were different Niall."

"I am diff- No you are just like anyone else we are through Niall!"

Now I can hear that he is also crying.

"Pleas Nicole don't do this. I love you!"

I take a deep breath before I speak again. "Ya I thought you loved me but it turns out it was all a lie. Goodbye Niall." And that is the last thing I say before I hang up the phone.

I place it on my bed and just curl up under my blankets and cry myself to sleep.



Hey guys so there we go! I can't believe there over! But just wait there will be more! Like I always say thanks again for all my readers. But I'm trying to see if I can get more so please tell your friends and get them to read it as well! It would be Greatly Appreciated

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