The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


50. Graduation

It's been a few months since everything that happened and I am proud to say that Jason is behind bars! Yay i'll give you a minute to celebrate! Ok so it is now June and Graduation is in two days! It's the last day of school and right now Taylor and I are jamming out to some One Direction in her car. Yes I still listen to them and it's not weird because they are amazing!

"So you ready to be highschool graduates?" Taylor asks as we pull into the school.

"Hell to the ya!" I shout earning a couple strange looks from students passing by since my windows open. Taylor just laughs as she parks the car and we get out.

I run into Megan and Sabrina and we all link our arms together and walk down the halls. "Can you believe that this is our last day of highschool!" Megan asks as we make our way to my locker.

"This has been the best year of my life!" I say as I lean against my locker.

"I- Sabrina gets cut off by the bell and we all head in our seperate directions.

I am in 10th period math class and it is 2:43 and the bell rings at 2:44. Everyone is staring up at the clock waiting for the bell to ring.

"10 9 8" People start to chant.

"3 2 1"

Everyone screams and throws their papers in the air. It's like a mad house as everyone runs through the halls saying good bye to friends and teachers they liked. I make sure to take my time just letting everything soak in.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts however by a very excited Taylor.

"Harry just called they are getting on the plane now!" Yup Harry and Taylor did get together finally! She grabs my arm and pulls me to her car.

"Come on we are going to Starbucks to celebrate!" Starbucks is a coffee shop for those who don't know.

We drive off and I turn around to get one last look at the school before it's time for everything to change.


I am currently sitting in my room with Taylor getting ready for Graduation. The guys are all downstairs including Niall's mom who decided to surprise me and come. I was beyond excited!

I am just finishing up the final touches of my make up and I decided I would curl my hair since I rarely do.

"Taylor you ready!" I ask opening up the door.

"Yes, lets do this thing! We walk down the stairs in our gowns and into the kitchen where everyone is waiting. It's my parents, my sister, brother, Taylor's parents, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Harry, Niall, and Niall's mom.

Yes Eleanor also decided to come which was awesome! I got to introduce her to my sister and they are already like best friends.

After we take a bunch of pictures we all pile into three cars. We make our way to the school and Taylor and I can't stop jumping in our seats from all the excitement.

We finally get there and I think everyone's happy to get us out of the car. I kiss Niall on the lips before I run up on stage with Taylor to see all our friends.

The ceremony starts and the valedictorian steps up which is a girl named Amy. Her speech was actually pretty funny and not boring at all. After all the speeches they start to call peoples names.

"Abbey Bents"

"Cody Dennis" They keep going through all their names until I hear Nicole Johnson.

I stand up praying that I won't fall down and walk up to recieve my diploma. I hear everyone cheer for me and I look up to see Niall standing up and clapping. I smile at him before I turn around and sit back down.

The ceremony ends and everyone gets up to go greet their families and I search for mine. Just then I see everyone coming towards me and I run and jump into Niall's arms.

"I'm so proud of you!" He whispers in my ear and I just squeeze tighter.

I can hear camra flashes and look up to see the paparazzi. I see the same man who was giving me grief the last time at school.

I decide to give them a little show and grab the back of Niall's neck and pull him down for a passionate kiss. You can hear all the camra flashes go off as they shout different questions which we just ignore.

We head back to the car hand in hand as I say goodbye to all my class mates that I passed. Man this was the best graduation ever!

A/N Hey guys so I believe that next chapter will be the end! But don't worry becasue so many want a sequel I am going to make it happen! I just need to figure out a title so if you have any ideas feel free to let me know!

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