The Lost Heart

Justin finally finds his heart when he meets a girl in Canada but soon he realises he has to go to start his tour in England his manager tells him that they would come back in a year, will he stay in his home country or will he have go?


1. The first Chapter

Sophie is 18 her father had died when she only young and lived with her mother and little sisters Amelia and Kate who are always trying to cause trouble. She now lives in a small flat on high street in Canada.

when the news brock that Justin Beiber was coming back to Canada all Sophie knew was that her rich enemy would be going to his concert with all her friends and she wouldn't be allowed. Sophie never knew what she did wrong but had a feeling that when her father died she got all the attention. Justin Beiber was Sophie's favourite singer of all time and dreamt that one day she would have permition to go to is concert with her best friend Camilla. Camilla was 18 as well and was tall she is a very good artist and likes to play with her little brother Pete.



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