The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


3. You See But Don't Observe

 You See But Don't Observe

by Randall Whiteside


The only way to master the science of deduction is to be able to observe, not just see. But how do we go about observing and not just seeing. A simple way of mastering this is simple: walk into a room and narrate to yourself everything you see, leave that room and try to write down everything you recall. Once this is done go back into the same room and see all of the items you have missed. This is purely to show you all of the small details that you have missed (not that you need to rememberer every little thing) , because wile making a deduction it is the small details that show you the most. This exercise can be done everyday all day, you could do it on some down time or when you are bored. Just list off everything you see.

     The former exercise will help you see and recall small details that may be missed, however if your memory is not adequate it may be pointless. Strengthening your short term memory is rather a basic thing, one exercise you could try is a ‘Mind Room’ technique, visualizing a room or a building to store all of your information you may want to remember (it works quite well with lists). For example if you want to start with something simple like a grocery list here is what you do: first pick a room or a building that you are familiar with, then for every item on your list picture where it would be in that situation, (apples may be in a bowl, milk will be in the fridge, soup will be in a pantry) you must, however, visualize the precise location of that item and you must be able to see it there. After you have gone through the list once or twice terry some time and see if you can get all the items on the list, it does not take that long to master.    Getting a good understanding on both of these techniques you will be able to make stronger deductions, and more reliable.



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