The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


4. Pumped Up Kicks

 Pumped Up Kicks

by Randall Whiteside


  I do believe that the one item on a person that divulges the most about them is there shoes. There is a short list of what to look for when observing a individuals shoes, mostly it is the amount of dirt on them, the amount of wear, and a several acute details that shall be mentioned later. Rather than rant about it for two paragraphs I shall give you a mock chart

1. You see a significant amount of dirt on the article, not too much wear, and its a walking or running shoe. what can we see from this? The person is walking around where there is lots of dirt, so this person can’t live in many cites, (you will need to know how much dirt is in the area that you are in and the areas around you but that is not that hard to observe) and he is not walking a lot due to the fact that the shoes are not new but in good condition, if this person lives in the country he will need to take a car to most places- too far to walk

2. You see little dirt and lots of wear. not a lot of dirt where he is walking, city and there is a lot of wear form walking to places nearby.

     Using both of the former arguments (for that is all this really is) you can tell where a person may live (will change between people- having two shoes, cleans his shoes, et cetera). After we make that deduction the rest is just guess work, for every hypotheses you make you will need to cross reference with something else about that person.

1. Bright shoe (not just new but with the obnoxious laces screaming look at me), new (no dirt or wear), we can perhaps conclude that this person is conscience about his or her fashion statement, and not concerned with the actual function of the shoe

2. Casual black work shoe (that not quite dress shoe and not quite water slipper), using his clothes (ex dress shirt, black pressed pants) we can conclude that this person needs to look proper but is perhaps in a cubicle all day and also needs shoes for comfort.

3. sandals, they are Jesus

4. Old shoes new laces, really likes the shoes (depending on how much wear is on the bloody things (he may just be cheep (I think I’m using too many of these things)))

         You can also (by also I mean not all the time) tell the general income of that person

1. If they always have new nikes or asics they may have some money (or just concerned about there health (by concerned I mean they understand the importance of these kinds of things (sun glasses, good shoes (damn I’m doing it again))))

     You can also tell some of the persons habits

1. A broken counter can tell that he slips his shoes on and does not untie them

2. A double knot can tell that he slips them on

3. wear on the front of the shoe can tell about there a person’s gait (wear on the front and on the inside) if a person drags there shoes they could have pes planus


     I could go on with this but truth be told I don’t know how much I can write on this thing. Using you inner narrating look at someone’s shoes, tell yourself what you see and cross compare your hypothesis with perhaps what they are cloths are or what type of glasses they have (I will cover that on perhaps the next post).



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