The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


6. Free Handouts

  Free Handouts

by Randall Whiteside

  A persons hand’s can tell us much about them. What they have been doing, there general habits or there personality. If we look for the right features, we can be enlightened.


The fingernail

1. looking at the edge of the nail, for men we see that the nail is neat lets say almost perfect (a smooth semi circle rather then a edgy straight line cut) we can deduce that he is perhaps using a file rather then a clipper (there has to be a better word than that). Now just because a man uses a nail file does not mean he is a flaming homosexual, looking at the rest of his oeuvre, we see that he is wearing a blue bedazzled tank top, has a brown afro and he keeps streaming 1,2,3,4.

2. cuticle’s on a persons fingers are visible, they have little care about there less important hygiene

3. the colour of a persons nails can tell you about there personality, when was the last time you saw a emo kid with rainbows and unicorns sprawled across there nails? Using that information we can say with some confidence that if a person has: black nails they are lugubrious (yes you can use that one tomorrow), bright colors say happy. More detailed nails say the same things,  news print says they are into literature, a bat symbol says they are a poser.


1. more marks and cuts are mainly on the dominant hand

2. ink marks on the hand suggests they where just writing something

3. dark stained hands could suggests someone who works on machines (stained from the oil)

4. blood stained hands suggests murder

5.larger hands suggests blue collar worker yellow on the fingers suggests a smoker

6. damaged knuckles says fighter

Hands Part II or Scars 

1. a scar near the middle of the wrist on the bottom of the palm is perhaps from a surgery to reverse carpal tunnel syndrome

2. a scar on the back of the hand would suggest a wound from self defence

3. a straight cut across the hand is caused by a knife nine out of ten times

Rings on Fingers

1. There are a number of ways to spot if someone has recently stopped wearing a loved ring; in sunny environments there will be a discolouration where the band used to sit, and there will usually be a singular callous beneath the finger from the ring rubbing against the palm when making a fist. The skin will also look shiny where the band sat. Also if the ring was a bit too tight the area will be ever so slightly slimmer than the rest of the base of the finger.

2.if the outside of a ring is dirty or uncared for but the inside is shiny, that means that it is taken off frequently and the only polishing it can get is from easing it off the finger. This can suggest serial adultery if it is a wedding ring.


          A closing note, there is a general misconception about determining a persons dominant hand, many people say that wile holding your own hand crossed in front of your self the hand that is on top is your dominant hand however this is untrue. To show this if you cross your hands now take note of what hand is on top, now clasp your fists together and you will find that the same hand (in this case your thumb) is on top. If you have your parents do this same thing you will see that this is hand test is genetic rather than independent.



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