The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


2. False Dichotomy

False Dichotomy

by Randall Whiteside


The idea of false dichotomy is one of the most stupidest mind-sets a person can be in, however that is beside the point I feel that in order for you to make a right proper deduction you need to remain ambiguous. lets say you love the environment, and you live the proper environmentalist life (you eat sprouts that you grew, have a compost thing, and you love animals and have a dog or three) but oh no you have just viewed a man in a big shiny ’my name is Tony’ SUV. “Using my powers of deduction” you begin “I can tell that that man hates the environment because he is spewing toxins from his big bad SUV into my air”. If only you remained on the fence on this matter, in reality your dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a SUV, looks who loves the environment now. 

     I am not saying that if you want to master the science of deduction than you must live the rest of your life with out any opinion or ideals, nay opinions are one of the greatest things on earth I am just suggesting that in order for you to make an apt deduction you must not put your personal feelings into it. What you really should have done in that Constance is think, ‘new SUV,  (+ $20,000) rich? or large family?, look at his clothing (new or old), any rings (just a graduation one or is there more?), what type of shoes is Slick Back Lamar wearing (little ware, lots, new old). once you have all this information you can make a more accurate deduction (like he is a  gentleman who wears flamboyant cloths and lives up town…wink wink)

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