The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


1. Beginning a Simple Deduction

Beginning a Simple Deduction

by Randall Whiteside


  If you are reading this perhaps it is because you have read some of the exploits of Sherlock Holmes, or just watched an episode of Sherlock and thought to your self ‘ well that seems easy enough but how to start’. The first thing that must be understood is that most of the deductions made in the Sherlock Holmes universe are only made because they are scripted. that is not to say that to make such insinuations is not possible but rather that it was created by somebody stewing over a manuscript for many days or weeks. Meanwhile you only have a window of a few seconds before you receive an exasperated glance from a third party for staring at them for too long. Furthermore when you make a deduction you must tailor your observations to that person, wile key areas on the body may give you clues about the person (hair, hands, shoes et cetera) your customised observations will reveal infinitely more. I think the best part about deductions is that your ‘victim’ does not even need to be in the room, a persons work area, there utensils and even their writing can be a window into that persons lives. A persons body language is also a handy tool at our disposal, not only the kinds of things such as: covering mouth= shocked, but rather eyebrows raised=wants to talk. With the mastering of all tools at our disposal comes a more frequent (and more importantly) more  accurate deductions. observing small details, a understanding of graphology, a broad knowledge of everything (but only the things that are important) and a grasp on body language will aid you in your quest

     The main reason I am creating this blog is due to my growing aggravation towards the other ‘crash course on deduction’ blogs and how-to websites. They consist of one of the two: “This is how you learn how to master the art of deduction, first you need to look at small things or something, next you need to know everything, a study of body language will ‘probs’ help, knowing how to do handwriting analysis might do something. After you do all that stuff you like guess about stuff and you will get it right magically”(now granted I did just say the same thing in the former paragraph but with a lot more elocution, but never fear I shall be expanding on my topics in others posts). Then there is the blog that says: [must be read in the most omnipotent voice you can muster] “I am amazing, and can look at a piece of paper with a different language on it, then look at another one with one word missing and I can tell you what word…….Oh yea and deductions.[you may now resume regular reading voice] Now there are many good blogs out there, but you sometimes need to sift through all the gay fan fiction in order to get the real meat and potatoes of the idea. so I created this blog as a simple guide to the art of deduction. (if you have any questions or comments I would like to hear them, if you have any concerns or negative feedback you can scream them into your pillow)




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