Into Darkness - The Writers Games

One arena, 24 writers, one victor. In these games, write well or die! Mwahahahah. I have power!

Happy writers games and may the odds be ever in your favour...


1. The Reaping (rules)

In these games, there will be as many rounds as there needs to be to narrow the number of tributes down to one. Each round will have a different challenge to which you, the tribute, must react to in the way that your character would react to. Missing the deadline for each challenge without a reason is punishable by death! At any time, you can choose to be in an alliance with someone, and yes, you can turn against them.

Here is a the list of all the things that you must fill out to compete:





Weapon of choice:



Weaknesses: (do NOT say none or I might have to be creative)

District token:



Reaped or volunteered: (say why if you volunteered)

Any other information:

Please make the characters realistic. Not everyone is going to be an amazing fighter so balance the strengths and weaknesses.

Each writer can have up two entries and the games will not start until late January 2014 or when there are no more free spaces so there is plenty of time. Post the entries in the comments or as a reply to my mumble. So get writing!

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